Once in a while I have to admit that Turbine will make a decision that will confuse and confound me. Sometimes they even appear to be completely counterproductive and made just to aggrivate their players. I know though and have learned from watching and experience that they are devious very, very, devious.

This new proposed Tring plan seems on the surface to be completely lacking in forethought both to the effect on player's characters and the inevitable response from the playerbase. It isn't however.

The key once again is a simple statement that has been quoted a few times now and yet still without understanding the more significant meaning behind it. That statement basically says that heroic Tring is problematic because it doesn't provide incentive to run epic content.

Why is that problematic?

I'd say it is problematic because expansions are epic content.

So why is keeping your earned EDs problematic?

I'd say it is problematic because when the cap goes up and you already have your EDs farmed out you don't have to purchase new content to reach cap.

If you've been truly paying attention you'll realize that all new content that isn't recycled old content are expansions or inside of expansions.

Well played Turbine. Once again I tip my hat to your insight on how to reach your goals.

As for threatening to quit spending money or leaving the game, only one thing to say to that. You have two real choices and those are to pay up or move one. Your threats are empty. When you express your discontent you better sign your name in the dollar anout you pay then per month because that is all the sway you have. Me, I can be easily replaced by anyone willing to pay $10 a month for elite openings so they can their bravery bonuses. My threats are more than empty to them.