Well, third time is the charm I guess. This is the third time that a girlfriend of mine ( whose computer I do not have access too ) and with whom i play on DDO every night, has had a remote configuration error. It alwyas happens after a new update or a new Download to the game. She has checked everything on her side of things, including the router, modem, etc. She has also called her ISP company and they verified everything is fine on their end.

What worked before in the past was she once reinstalled the game; that worked. Then the other time that worked, I had found an article on something, which I have most inconveniently forgotten now, something about renaming or removing some files associated with Turbine Launcher and Turbine Invoker. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was now.

The problem is that she opens up her game, and gets the " Getting Remote Configuration " Error. The hot/quick fixes worked in the past, but this time I am at loss at what to do to help her. Any suggestions beyond sending me to another link on the DDO FAQ and showing me the fixes that never works?

Also, I dont know her computer specs right off the bat, but remember, it worked before, it just isnt working now. Can anyone help?