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    Default Looking for a guild on any server. Mature player.

    I have been playing DDO mostly solo, but my wife joins me from time to time. It's boring. I sub to the game because I really like it and I would like to join a guild and do content with others. Let me know if you got a place for me. Thanks.

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    Hello there And welcome to DDO.

    If you are still looking for a home, we are always looking for new faces. You can read about us here:

    In short, we are family friendly. We have a couple members who have their family playing. We also have all sorts of players in the mix; new to DDO, vets, casual, F2P and VIP.

    We have 2 main things that drive our family. First, leave the drama out of the game. We have a good group of people all of which play to have fun, not deal with drama. Second, we require all members to create a guild character account on our website. Its full of info, character builds, news, contests we do for each other, blogs if you want to read about some of the stuff in the game we do, or start your own. Webchat there is our core communication for us both in and out of the game. The site is pretty busy...and compared to *ahem* another DDO forum.... no issues.

    If those sound ok with you, check us out in the link above. Then send us a tell in the game or let me know your character(s) and I'll look for you when I pop on today.

    Thaco / Sparks / Xome / Biogenic / Osmosis and Flumph

    If you end up somewhere else, good luck and feel free to ping us anyhow if you want to join a group/quest/raid.


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    Hams on Sarlona always looking for players.

    A majority of our players are Mature.

    There are many husband/wife teams that play together between Eastern to Western time zones.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bizmack View Post
    I have been playing DDO mostly solo, but my wife joins me from time to time. It's boring. I sub to the game because I really like it and I would like to join a guild and do content with others. Let me know if you got a place for me. Thanks.
    Well met Bizmack!

    Sent a PM with details on our guild Tyrs Paladium. We are a very friendly guild with a community spirit that has been called "our online family" more than once by guildies themselves.

    Happy adventuring regardless who you join!


    TYRS PALADIUM - A Premier Dungeons & Dragons Online Guild
    No Drama. Cameraderie. TEAM Focus. That's the TYRS way. If that's your style, come join us!

    Research our Guild here: Read our official Recruitment thread | Sign up here: Tyrs Guild Website! | GHALLANDA GUILD LEADERS: Join the Fellowship!

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    Default What is your common playtime?

    Hi there,

    I have been running around solo for a long time, and only recently found some nice people to continuously party with. I am also on the goal of building up my very own guild (I have recruited some more or less promising talents, but no racing horses other than me so far). I would definitely call myself a mature player (33 years old, having found my place in life) and I am playing almost daily. I also own both expansions and have an active VIP subscription running.

    If you happen to live in EU timezone (GMT +1) or are comfortable with running with me mostly during weekends, i will gladly send you an invite. (Some of our new guildies are US citizens too, maybe you can bring some dynamics to them underweeks)

    Please send me an ingame message to Gowenna on Khyber if interested!


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    Default The Wulfepack has other husband and wife teams


    The Wulfepack on Sarlona may be a good choice. We currently have other husband and wife teams and we are mainly mature players that enjoy having fun.

    Check out our website at and read the code of the pack. It will give you a good idea of how we play and interact.


    Blime - Alpha Wulfe

    Sarlona Server - Blime | Darkgeddy | Youburn | Northernboy | Lakeside | Toasthead

    Leader of The Wulfepack - "If you call one wolf, you invite the Pack"

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    If you go on Ghallanda, don't look to other guilds, look to Noble Dragon.

    Wednesdays are Tapoica Pudding night. I mean, who doesn't want Tapiocal Pudding on Wednesdays...?

    (Contact Hawkbrother, Alphatronic, Sayhello, Antipan, Pandolin, Pandargon, Panifin, Pangrael, or Panmorgan for details.)

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