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    Default Loot after completion

    So I posted " EE Cry,free chest,could you pass me the quiver ? Keep the rest !" today. And I got tell saying that since 18.1 , others can't get loot if they aren't present at completion and they joined completed LoD and wouldn't get loot.

    I can't find anything in release notes, or is there some mechanic only in quests with old epic components ?
    Or just someone pulling my leg ? Cause I invite friends/guildies all the time. For GH I mean.

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    I would guess they are referring to what I call "legacy epics". Those released prior to MoTU. In those quests, the epic chest is not lootable unless you were in quest at completion. The fact they mentioned LoD also reinforces that.

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    True for Epic Chests.

    I missed this myself and offered up some free loot for people after soloing EE LoD this morning .... only to discover this has been changed after we quickly filled and popped the chest open. Could have been changed a while back, I've not been feeling altruistic for a while

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