Next month, August, prize is EH White Helm, STR +8, 20 white flawless dragonscales, and 450k plat.
(along with any donations that might occur including the 200k plat addition already shown)

September is a huge month with
Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Menace of the Underdark™ Standard Edition - Digital Download
Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download
Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Legendary Upgrade - Digital Download
being granted to the first prize winner.

October is a Bigby's Box given to the winner along with another Bigby's Box being mailed to any toon
you choose on the Wayfinder Server. (Yes I know, its a Bigby's but hey we do what we can.)

November is an encore of the Dragonscale Prizes repeating
EH+ Blue Helm +?? bonus, 20 blue flawless dragonscales, and 250k plat.

December is another huge month with
Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code

On another note, I need a substitute referee for August as Hossa has a real life quest.
Volunteers are welcome, needs to arrive an hour early.
If necessary I will solo this and appoint a team captain each round to gather up the second team.
We also need a TEAM Name for this team?

USA is on daylight savings time, so technically atm we are on Eastern Daylight Time instead of Easter Standard Time.
Regardless, find out the time it is in New York, New York, USA, games start 8 pm that time on the Second Sat each month.

Will be adding a random coin flipped to the team pairing next time, so that either team might get the least ranked player,
as I was never ever paired with Thresshh (which shows how strong his entry was).

A big thank you to everyone involved, great playing, good sportsmanship, and sympathy to those who did not quite
make it in time to participate, may the odd ever be in your favor. See you next month.

Thanks again Thresshh for the hugely generous donation of your prize back to the games.