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Thread: Berserker druid

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    Default Berserker druid

    I was thinking of trying for another PL barb on my main and while melee isn't my forte I thought I would throw out an idea and see how the community could help make it work.

    First, it is gonna be tr'd again so it's a leveling toon.

    I was thinking of a horc druid for shillelagh, reading roar and HoT's
    2 rogue is possible for evasion.
    And, of course, enough barb to get the PL with accompanying cleave, gcleave.
    I had thought to run with a greatclub to take advantage of affore mentioned shill.

    Please respond with positive and helpful comments to help me out. Ty

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    You would be better off with carnifex, sos, whatever th gs weapon you have, than a qstaff even with shillelagh. Qstaff crit profile is not good, it catches up quite a bit dps-wise if you have a monk splash and twist in dance of flowers, but for heroic, its not good.

    but yeah, 9 barb 9 druid 2 rogue, fun build. reaving roar is awesome

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    I was kicking around ideas this weekend for a barb / druid: barb 12 / druid 7 / rog or ftr 1 (FB II / NW I), basically a barb variant on Tygara's build. Druid 7 for buffs & RR/FH; barb 12 for the DPS, natch; and either rog splash for UMD & 1d6+3 SA or ftr for extra feat.
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