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    Default The State of Orien LFMs

    So lately I've been especially disappointed with the quality of posted LFMs and the difficulty of filling groups so I started my own little project to study the current make-up of LFMs and if the numbers match what I've been observing. This is only a week of information taken at varying times around 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern time. Some things surprised me (a lot more posted LFMs than I thought) and other things did not surprise me (everyone runs Elite).

    Note, the numbers don't all mesh with differing categories due to the difficulty of pinning down certain LFMs, and in the case of level ranges I counted some LFMs multiple times if they fell in multiple ranges.

    Daily Averages over the past week: (A snapshot of each evening, not the entire days totals!)
    Total LFMs: 27.7

    People in LFMs: 63.5
    Max Party of LFMs: 173
    Percentage of Slots Filled: 36.7%

    Low Level LFMs (1-8): 13.5 (39.3% of LFMs)
    Mid Level LFMs (9-14): 9.3 (27.2% of LFMs)
    High Level LFMs (15-20): 7.5 (21.8% of LFMs)
    Epic Level LFMs (20-25): 4.0 (11.7% of LFMs)

    Casual LFMs: 0.7 (3.1% of LFMs)
    Normal LFMs: 5.7 (26.4% of LFMs)
    Hard LFMs: 3.0 (14.0% of LFMs)
    Elite LFMs: 12.2 (56.6% of LFMs)

    Quest LFMs: 18.3
    Slayer LFMs: 3.0
    Farming LFMs: 2.8
    Favor LFMs: 1.3
    Raid LFMs: 1.2
    Challenge LFMs: 0.5

    - LFMs definitely seem skewed towards lower levels. Maybe everyone is in a TR phase at the moment.
    - If you like running quests on Elite, you're in luck. If you like running quests on Hard like I do, you might as well solo it.
    - Not much raiding going on at all anymore. At least publicly. Maybe everyone is hiding in their channels.
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    seems someone is spying my lfm !


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    I have a feeling that there are a lot of euros on the server. Server is rocking at 2-6PM EST.
    Indeed far less raiding going on. For example, Gimpfest have a daily schedual that we don't seem to be sticking too.

    I think lot of players are TRing. And many players already got their CitW loot and comms from FoT. I think it will pick back up soon.
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    3 guilds that are actively raiding. All 3 of them are Euro + East Coast base.

    First one pugs often but first impression is important. Past experience and guildie experience with players determined who get let back in. Some do get let back in if a guildie will vouch for them.

    The last 2 usually are reserved to guild + friends

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