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    Quote Originally Posted by PermaBanned View Post
    As for what to do... Maybe expand your horizons beyond casters? Not being facetious, just pragmatic. If casters are broken beyond your ability to enjoy, try to enjoy something else...
    If this is how Turbine are going to treat their customers, I think it may be time to expand our horizons beyond DDO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raithe View Post
    The change was from having 10 physics checks (to see if a weapon intersected the target) per attack animation to having only 5, but each of those 5 had an 80% chance of producing two damage rolls. You can see that 5 + (5 * 0.80) = 9 is less than 10, but this doesn't really quantify the damage losses due to small, steady pings and alacrity bonus nerfs. If you were trying to twitch to avoid the longer delays at the end of the animation, then 1) You weren't swinging as fast as many "Monster" builds were swinging, 2) Your attack bonus was in the toilet, and 3) You were doing it wrong.
    Just a reminder: you had 8 physics check but only 6 attacks in a full attack animation, 4 with your main hand weapon and 2 with your off-hand weapon (the full attack animation consists of 4 attacks). 4*1.8 attacks = 7.2 attacks > 6 attacks.

    The doublestrike mechanic was the one that came in place of the alacrity bonuses. It really seemed like a nerf because your off-hand weapon does not proc in said doublestrike attack, only your main hand one, but let's check the numbers. Let's see the Tempest III enhancement: 5% doublestrike and 100% off-hand proc, this means you get 4*1.05 = 4.2 attacks from your main hand and 4 attacks from your off-hand, for a total of 8.2 attacks. In order for the old Tempest III to reach the same number of attacks, he would have needed roughly an extra 37% alacrity - and no, you can't count haste in this because the new Tempest III can also be hasted in the same way.

    So unless I'm wrong on something or you are talking about a very specific build, it seems there was no nerf, but actually a buff. And by the way, the twitching thing with a TWF character was only an example, I didn't do it myself because yeah, hit chance in old DDO did matter. Also, I don't want to get arthritis.

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