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    Quote Originally Posted by Missing_Minds View Post
    Actually if you watch you'll see that is AI behavior across the board, not just summoned pets.

    It makes the ranged worthless, ...
    For the sake of those who are new, please don't use such absolutes. It makes ranged more difficult, to be sure, but I have a ranged toon, and she is far from worthless (a repeater specialist and way fun). One must be more patient, shift back some when targeting a close-up-and-closing target, but it can be done and well. Sure ranged would be easier if this weren't the case, but ranged can still be done.

    As I understand it, and I certainly may be wrong, the trouble is position by the computer's reckoning: The monsters are shown in their animation as moving from point A to point Z in a continuous path, but it's actual computed position changes from position A to position Z without being computed as being in all the positions in between. To compute the monster's position every foot of movement would consume way too many resources. So, we shoot at the monster/target as it is moving through points B, C, and D...and by the animation it looks as though the monster is there...but in the computer's calculations the monster is actually in position Z having already left position A. This has been true of most all computer games since the inception of fluid animation (as opposed to stop motion refresh screens). If the monster starts moving toward your toon, good chance it's pathed to be next to or slightly behind your toon; back up and pivot a little and when the monster reaches the spot near where you were standing, BLAST away! Oh, but please, if you end up kiting because of this, try, TRY to kite in a circle around the party and your healer; the rest of your party and your healer especially (I play a few healers and yes I ENJOY being a healer/nanny-bot) would sincerely appreciated it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    yeah this. i love when people read things like we sit here and actively just screw with you guys as a side activity. if i was going to mess with players, i would do it as a game system and they would have no idea that i was messing with a good DM's do...
    At the moment I believe in you and Devs,


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