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    Default Enhancements

    Been trying out several Bladeforged builds.
    One of the problems I have is the repair ability on a pure Paladin.

    Why can't I take the enhancement line to boost spell power etc for repair spells?
    It says that Bladeforged level 1 can take it, but I can't.

    Also, why aren't the Blaeforged racial sla there?

    Result of this is that, at the moment, my builds with sorc/wiz levels are better
    than pure paladin, don't feel that should be.

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    Cordovan's reply in another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    From the email-reply-typing hands of the dev working on it: It’s part of the new Racial Enhancements that Bladeforged will get in U19. It doesn’t require Paladin levels.

    As always: Standard disclaimer that anything still being worked on can change.
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    Surely it would be simple thing to get the stuff like Spellpower: Repair to work?
    When i check the unavailable box in the enhancements tab it shows as available
    to Bladeforged level 1, but i cant take it at all.

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