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    Default Return to the Prison of the Planes - drop rates?

    I decided to try and farm various unique items in Return to the Prison of the Planes after spying them on the AH and SE and being too cheap to just buy them.

    I've made several solo runs with my L23 Fighter, but cannot for life of me pull any unique items. I reckon I've probably looted about 13 chests (some with +1 jewel) and not pulled a single unique item. And running up and down the ramps is getting kind of dull.

    Am I unlucky, or is there a low drop rate for these items and I should just persevere in any case?

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    It's DDO, drop rates are always pretty low, and the luck is random. One dude will get something awesome first run, and the next dude never sees anything named at all. I am always in favor of increasing drop rates. However, if you want to see something named drop with the current rates you will probably have to run with a full party, instead of soloing (although that is fun sometimes). Don't worry, I too am too cheap to buy some of that stuff on the AH and Shard Exchange. I will probably be farming this quest a lot soon to get some of the nice toys.

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