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    Default Very small change to Cannith Crafting

    While CC needs a broader overhaul, there's one change I think should have first priority, and I think its something that can be added into an update fairly painlessly:

    Add Ribcracker/Heartseeker/Bloodletter (all variations thereof) to the list of craftable shards. There is a lack of decent suffixes for Cannith weapons, especially at higher levels (Pure Good being about it, unless you want to carry a dozen different Greater Bane weapons), and these are among the better suffixes at higher levels, since they do untyped damage, especially for weapons with a good crit profile (which most people gravitate towards anyway).

    There are other things I'd like to see added as well (compound affixes like "of the Sun", and high-damage procs like Disintegration, and Banishing/Disruption/Smiting), but I think the Bloodletter family of suffixes is the easiest "in the meantime" fix, in terms of getting it through QA and balance.

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    If those newer type suffixes are to ever get added to CC, my bet would be that we'd be looking at a level increase to 200 or 250.
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