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    Default Gaming music

    I've had this running through my head most of this afternoon, and I'm looking for some suggestions of more good gaming music to listen to while I (pretend to) work, pretty much any era is fine.
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    Wow that brings back some memories. This sort of music was produced for the 90's demoscene using 16 bit Amigas and early PC's. Most of the better tracks have been uploaded to YouTube but if you really love the SID Chip (bleepy) stuff you should google for a freeware tracker program and visit MOD sites such as Mod Archives ( and explore.

    Dreaming In Green (Necros)

    Celestial Fantasia (Purple Motion)

    Starshine (Purple Motion)

    A lot of tracks have been remastered for YouTube and lost some of their vibe in the conversion. Most tracks also usually featured plenty of panning and thus sound much better listening to through headphones eg. "Point of Departure" by Necros.
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