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    Default I guess Im the new guild leader. Gimme tips

    So my guild leader decided to promote me to successor and will be stepping down shortly. Why he choose me is beyond me! But It's kinda cool. Problem is, I'm not sure how to run a guild effectively! Aside from the wiki, are there any other resources? I saw something on Google about guild leader boards but all are dead links. Do they still exist? Any other tips on being a good leader would be greatly appreciated!

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    I guess it depends on what your guild is all about. If it is really super organized with regularly scheduled quests and/or raids then it falls to you to make sure those stay organized and on track. If it is focused on TR lives then you need to make sure that there are good partnerships where your players can rapidly zerg from one life to the next. If it is large but diverse then the biggest thing is keeping ship amenities up to date so they don't run out.

    Take a look at your guild membership and what attracts them (and you) to the guild. Whatever that is, that is where you put your emphasis.

    I've led a guild and been a member of a few others. Each is different. So, IMO, you have to find the character of your guild and work to meet the expectations of your current members while recruiting new players who fit whatever it is that you do.

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    If you don't have anything regularly scheduled, maybe a weekly Shroud run at a specific day & time. Nice and easy, useful loot if even just to sell, and helps to start fostering a sense of community.

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    First off, relax. A guild is a group of people who enjoy playing the game together. There are no hard and set in stone rules to being a good guild leader. Remembering that the guild is NOT the leader, it's a collective effort. Appreciate their efforts, and don't let them force you into doing it all. It can and should be a group effort, since it's a group of people.

    Talk to your guildies and see what they like about the guild and what they might want to see. Take a good look at the current guild culture. Are people happy with it? Then just make an effort to understand it and maintain it. If not, work with the other members to reshape it into something that makes everyone happy. This is our free fun time, and it should be FUN above all else. Some people find highly structured, organized, and set in stone guild rules fun, and some people find free wheeling do whatever the hell you want appealing. Neither one is better than the other, just better for particular players.

    Enjoy it. I reiterate the part about fun, leading the guild should be fun for you, not a second unpaid job.
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    Being a guild leader is fun for me. Then again..I have a great group of players in our guild...or family as we call it.

    How your guild will develop and grow depends on a variety of things. Some you control (like positive attitude...communication...guild runs for loot..favor..assistence for flagging...and just helping and playing the game)...some you can't (like egos....drama....conflicting schedules or time zones). My opinion.... When egos or drama becomes a problem... Address it quickly. As a is part of your role to keep the guild free of such distractions.

    Do fun things for and with the guild. Everyone enjoys them and everyone usually wants to help and or offer you assistence. We do contests for +3 tomes and stuff like that. Everyone participates and donates.

    Lastly...dont feel like you have to do it all alone. Ask guildies for help with whatever. They are in the guild to see it prosper too!

    My 2pp. Goodluck!


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    Delegate. ;p

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