The only problem with that is there are no more udates with good content so therefor forced to pay more money cause they label the new content expansion pack. If you think about it, anything they add expands the game. I'm going free to play cuz everything you get as vip u can buy on the ddo store. Which can be afforded if you don't pay every month. Just a thought of common sence, After they hired the last bunch of new devs it became more Expansive to play. Get it expensive lol
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It is the definition between what is considered an Update vs what is considered an Expansion that can cause the misunderstanding.

MOTU, Epic Destinies, and Shadowfell fall in what Turbine is defining as an Expansion

While the Enhancement Pass, bug fixes etc. appear to be considered Updates. VIP still has some Classes that need Favor unlock or can be Store Purchased if so desired. IE Favored Soul, Artificer and Druid.