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    Default Payment Authorisation Failed on DDO Market

    Is this STILL an issue?

    I have never in my life been able to pay for anything that Digital River Manages. I swear to christ! Last time a DDO expansion came out, I had to BACS money to somebody for them to try from a different bank account in a different county to pay through Digital River. It doesn't work on My Visa card or through paypal, or Click and Buy!

    edit: Why not just use steam as it's not ***** and some offers are already on there?!
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    There are a few possibilities--

    Your account may have been flagged as "suspicious," which means any time you enter any card with your name and billing information, it will see the billing information and decline that card AND flag it as well.

    It could be an issue with your internet speed, and the transaction times out or something. I had the same error when trying to do it on really crappy internet, and when I went to a different place with faster internet I was able to successfully complete the transaction. That may also have been the IP address change was what allowed me to do it, I am not really sure how their system operates.

    I have read quite a few complaints around the web about Digital River and this error, though. Most of them say it points to their security system flagging you as "suspicious." You probably have to contact Digital River directly to get it resolved-- tell them you believe your account has been placed under fraud alert and there is nothing wrong with your information. I am pretty sure there is little Turbine can do for you; since they outsourced the transactions to another company, then it is out of their hands.

    I do agree that it would be best for everyone if they were to use Steam instead. Heck, I think they already do sell some things on Steam. In addition to all the other problems associated with Origin, a LOT of people boycotted EA because they chose to utilize Digital River for Origin purchases and people received the Payment Authorization failed error.

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    I had this bug today, trying to buy the xpac. Sigh.

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    I have never been able to buy anything from them. I end up phoning Turbine and processing it over the phone.

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