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    Default Had a four year break and the pet/hireling AI still sucks..

    Playing Artificer and the pet is beyond useless. Almost every dungeon he bugs out, appears to be floating and runs at the enemy and does nothing. How much longer do we have to suffer? Also the Hirelings are lazy and won't even heal themselves while whining they are going to die.

    Will this ever be fixed or should I just wait for another four years?

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    You could wait another 4 years but it won't be any better.

    Hireling/pet AI is fine for the first encounter, but when all the mobs in that encounter die the AI goes dormant, as if the hireling/pet can't believe it didn't die. (And believe me, buddy, neither can we!)

    To shake the AI out of its dormant state, set it to passive and then back to active. This is essentially rebooting it, making it functional for the next encounter. Doing this after every encounter makes them pretty effective, actually.

    Obviously it's pretty tedious to hit passive/active every 20 seconds, so I mapped it to the keyboard for when I'm using hires. (Typically up until around level 12, when most of my builds' self-healing kicks in.) Every hire has the same button position for passive and active, so it doesn't matter which hire I call; the keys work for them all. Your dog may be different, but your dog is always your dog so set it up to work with him.

    I used the < and > keys on the keyboard, though I don't hold the shift key down so it's actually , (comma) and . (period) in my keymappings. After every fight I quickly hit <> and I'm good to go.

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    Have to agree with the OP, was one of the first things I noticed when poping back in for a quick weekend look.

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    Default I hate to introduce a note of controversy, but ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelbourn View Post
    Have to agree with the OP, was one of the first things I noticed when poping back in for a quick weekend look.
    ... if by the word "still" the OP is suggesting that pet/hireling AI is just as bad as 4 years ago, then I have to disagree. The AI is far worse. 9 times out of 10 it can't even carry your soulstone to a shrine any more.
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    If you played more than every 4 years you wouldnt need hire. Havent used one in over 2 years. Didnt even know you could still get them.

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    The iron defender can be "rebooted" by dismissing and resummoning it. It'll work for a while before bugging out again into being unable to attack.

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