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    Question Need help making my HEART build. 2 rog / 12 Tempest / Wiz 6

    I call it the HEART. Half Elf Arcane Rogue Tempest.
    2 Rogue | 12 Tempest | 6 Wizard
    (Cleric Dilettante 3 so Lev 10 Cleric so Heal spell is usable)

    Basically I want to make an All Terrain character that I can take anywhere (on Normal) and see every single quest.
    After almost 3 years of playing there is a lot of quests I havent seen and many more that I dont know enough to lead a party through.

    Im not fixed on 6 levels of Wizard but I need Level 3 arcane spells for personal buffs and Haste / Rage / Displace / Blur etc. I dont want to have to rely on any other person for this build.

    The stats that I have come up with are
    STR 14 DEX 16 CON 12
    INT 14 WIS 14 CHA 8

    I have some questions before I start.
    I will be using 2 weapons (Shortwords because I have a collection of really cool ones).
    Is it worth taking Weapon Finesse even though I will be getting TWF & GTFW from Ranger ?
    Is it worth putting points into UMD ? I dont know if it stacks on the abilities that I will get from 6 wizard and 10 Cleric.

    Any other ideas that you have would be really welcomed. This build doesnt have to be an ultimate killer, just fun, flexible and highly soloable. I plan to be sneaking around a lot and getting in places I wouldnt normally go. Lots of skulking and seeing everything.

    Have I missed anything or am I doubling up on something ?


    (If this build hasnt got a name yet then I would like to officially call it the HEART build )
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