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    Quote Originally Posted by Citzen_Gkar View Post
    It's not soloing if you have a hireling


    Maybe he was just rollplaying solo.
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    one problem I have with the epic hires is that they rely on mass heal way too much. I could be down 1/4 hp and I see my hire casting his slowly animated mass heal when he barely has a scratch. one way to help would be to not have the hires stand on top of you. maybe than I would get a single heal instead that is cast faster than the mass. I think the epic hires are more wedged up my arse than the heroic ones and they take a lot more damage than I do and a lot more unnecessary damage. its been said many times, but the hires need to back the heck up off me. there needs to be a toggle button to allow them to fight and heal and to heal only. that's the biggest reason why people buy the healer hires. not for their uber dps.
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    Set it to passive then active in pretty rapid succession to wake it up. Do this after every encounter, since they go dormant pretty much after every encounter.

    I set two key mappings: < for hireling bar 1 passive, > for hireling bar 1 active. It's actually , (comma) and . (period) since I don't use shift, but I think of them as the < and > keys.

    After every encounter, I hit < > with maybe a half-second wait between and it keeps them active throughout the quest. Works pretty well.

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    Default hirelings are not players, but still valuable

    Nobody expects a hireling to lead a raid... no one in their right mind anyways. But having competent AI that can at least heal when you have low hp is something the devs should have foreseen.

    While I'm not a trained programmer of any renown, I have done a little bit of coding in the past, and have automated entire parties in other games that cover 95% of situations. It seems to me that the key problem with the game's ai is pathing routes between cells - that's an educated guess. This needs to be fixed, or at the very least acknowledged by the devs.

    But i would call on turbine to go one step further, and devote a game update to revamping the ai into customizable companions. I would love to see scenarios where we build and raise our own hirelings (sorry, but yea, similar to pokemon). Let us customize their ai, enhancements, feats etc to best use their class and race combos. Even if they're not as strong as your average player, let us make them our own. Give us ai that can, for example, respond appropriately respond something like this:

    If, (player 1) (hp), (=<) (90%) , (target) (player 1), cast (cure moderate wounds),
    If, (player 1) (hp), (=<) (90%) (also) (missing hp) (=>) (35) (activate) (empower healing spell) for (legnth= Spell's cast duration)

    If, enemy = undead, cast (turn undead)

    This is a very smalls sample of potential code that alot of experienced players can figure out, and for those who don't understand, just build a sample ai thats a little bit better than the curent ai.

    Honestly, the current hirelings are so glitchy, they're almost unusable.

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    Thought this was really funny (in a "stupid hireling") kinda way:

    I remember running The Tide Turns, the last quest in the Sentinels of Stormreach story arc, quite a while back. I was n Normal, at-lvl, so I'm like lvl 7. Had Flower (lvl 7 cleric) as a healbot.

    Now, I've spoken with different guildies/friends in game about hirelings, and its a pretty common consensus (at least among those I talked to about it) that Flower is probably the best low-level cleric hireling in the game, She doesn't go all moronic on you nearly as often as alot of the other hires do.

    Well, this quest was a little different. Soon as I get into the quest and summon her up, she starts running all about the room, spamming heals on the wounded NPC soldiers sitting/lying around the room!!

    I'm thinking "Whattya doin, dummy??? Save those SP for healing me!!! They didn't pay your contract, I did!!!"

    I later tested it, and nope, it was not a fluke. And other hirelings in that level range will not act this way. And its only in that one quest. She is bound and determined to heal every one of those soldiers, unless you put her on passive and make her just stand there till after youve talked to Greigur d'Deneith, the NPC guy that you first talk to. She'll go back to normal once their are enemies around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrkGrismer View Post
    This goes whether the healer is a hireling or another player.
    Hireling's AI should not be better than a PUG healer (afk, not paying attention, saving SP, etc.).

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