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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlock View Post
    Sentences should begin with a capital letter.

    Just saying.
    Odd thing is though, all of his I's he took the time to capitalize. Narcissism for the win!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Drwaz99 View Post
    While it's not difficult to figure out, it's a mindless, stupid and eye-bleeding grind. It's not too hard to figure out that is not what this game needs right now. 2-3 million karma ok, there's some pain for your gain. But really, the EPL's are not worth the pain of 6 million XP in off destinies/sphere's.
    Quote Originally Posted by PermaBanned View Post
    Profit quantity has been prioritized above product quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vint View Post
    They cannot monetize making an update of fixing the screw ups. They can monetize putting in 12 new cosmetic pets or kits though.

    The money people donate to P2W does not go back into the game so they are forced to monetize as much as they can. Turbine could advertise, but they do not put money back into the game so they are forced to milk us for what we have. Sooner or later more and more will either quit playing or paying? Without new people Turbine will be scratching their heads of what went wrong. Who knows though? They are just swimming in all that P2W money so they could care less what happens now.
    I guarantee you that Turbine will not be scratching their heads. They know exactly what they are doing - in the Real Estate world it is called being a Slum Lord. The premise (exactly what they are doing with this game) is to take rent from your property and pocket it. If something breaks you either do not fix it or fix it only to the point where you aren't breaking Housing Code (only if forced to do so). You run your property into the ground and then either level it and rebuild or write it off. In DDO's case they are clearly going to let it run down, only fixing bugs that would either completely break the game or cause more player loss than tolerable, until the game is no longer making them a reasonable profit. Then they will shut it down.

    If they intended this game to go for the long haul they would actually care about the number of bugs they are introducing to the code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by westerndragon207 View Post
    Since asking this question "Why are you releasing new updates when you currently have broken quests, items, and screwy AI in areas of the game that are broken after months of down time I.E Baudry chain and crafting and pet AI etc."

    Since asking this question on your facebook the question was immediately removed and I can no longer comment on status updates. I've played this game for along time and even paid for it! I think Myself and the rest of your long time players deserve an answer instead of deletion of things you don't want to mention. or sweeping them under the rug. Why try to weasel more money out of people when you could make your existing customers happier at the same much of this "shadowfell" is going to be broken when it gets released.
    Being a game dev yourself you SHOULD know that a game can run with many bugs but it does NOT run with out money. Sad to say that even the ideas used to make games take both time and money to make maintain and run.

    Yes there are a few bugs that bother me not even close to enough to stop playing... or even to not have already pre-ordered the collectors edition... love the Iconic class by the way... just a minor toy really to keep me busy when I don't feel like playing my Monk though.

    What bugs me most I think is the idea that you all ( Those that seem to find fault with a game but never anything worth much ) seem to think that a MMO should run as smooth as butter but have no idea what it means ... the very idea that ANY MMO I don't care what you THINK you know or what job you THINK you have... THERE IS NO MMO THAT RUNS BUG FREE>>>> NONE>>>>. MMOs are living things they must be fed... money... to keep moving... think that all those patches come without cost... sorry they do not.

    So, the next time you see a bug and deside thats more time wasted on an expation and money that only goes to line the pockets of those mean dark sided Turbine owners... remember with out CONTENT!! this game doesn't get fixed in any way. Oh, and yes there will be more bugs with the new content... trust me there will be.... but at the same time they will prob also be doing alot of fixing.

    By matter of fact, most games have 2-3 teams... one for bugs and 1-2 for content builds. Oh, but the dev over there should know this ... right? The idea that someone would get on the internet and lie is just beyond thinking... thats my lil trolling...

    Have fun... or GET OUT.. hehe ;-p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunan View Post
    Odd thing is though, all of his I's he took the time to capitalize. Narcissism for the win!!
    You do know that capitalizing I, I'm, I am, etc. is actually correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironclans_evil_twin View Post
    As an ex-contractor that person was all those things because when he's done building your deck he will have charged you at least 30% up to even 100% (or more!) markup on every single thing he used
    I never really expected that he was going to do the job for cost with no profit.

    I even gave him the chance to up his profit by asking "Do we need to rebuild the deck from the ground up, or can we reuse the existing joists and associated substructure?" Then I told him I was only interested in getting the job done right, and had no interest in a number of his competitors who had only been in business a few years. Hell, I practically invited him to over charge me.

    You can learn a lot by giving someone enough rope to hang himself. He politely declined the opportunity.

    I've hired a lot of people over the course of my life, both for my former employer, and to do contract work for me. I've been to the rodeo before.

    As it turns out, the bid he gave me was for about 9 hours of my consulting time, but then I really make a point of charging my clients the maximum the market will bear.

    We'll see what the next 2 guys have to say.

    The economies of scale of the software business (which are the rules to which MMOs adhere) are different, but the consumer interaction expectations really are no different. Polite, knowledgeable, insightful and professional do not suddenly cease to apply. An MMO (like DDO) has a mass communication mechanism (the forums) to use to both understand the wants of its clients, and to project a positive image when interacting with them.

    The fact is that Turbine (at least the DDO side of Turbine) is simply inept at communications. It builds what it wants to build, and at times seems to go out of its way to be rude to customers. The most entertaining email I ever received in my entire life was from a DDO forum moderator who essentially screamed at me in print. I've dealt with customers (both my own and my former employer's) for over 30 years. I have yet to actually scream at a customer. If I ever catch myself reaching that point, I will know it definitely has reached the point where I just need to call it a career.

    A single source supplier of a product or service can get away with a lot. Turbine is not a single source supplier of anything of note. Turbine would be well advised to figure that out before WB runs out of patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Postumus View Post
    Another key point is 'the nice guy' who gives you an estimate is not always the same guy who will actually be building the deck (in fact it is rare if it is a company with a storefront). The estimate guy is often more a salesman than the actual builder/installer and his promises don't always match up with what the builder/installer delivers.

    Estimator: "You bet we can do A, B, C, D!"

    Installer: "Sorry, I don't know why he said that, but we don't ever do C and D."

    Estimator: "Yep, we always clean up everything before we leave and are extra careful not to damage anything."

    Installer : "Sorry, there was no way to install that without trampling your plants/drilling holes in your wall/creating a ton of dust."

    Estimator: "No problem, should only take a day, two tops!"

    Installer: "This is going to take 3-5 days and you won't be able to use your front door or bathroom until we're done."

    Sound familiar?
    Uh, not really. When I hire someone to do work for me on a contract basis, there is a contract. It reflects what we agreed to, or we rework it until it does reflect what we agreed to. Once we have a proper contract, we sign it and proceed. If the contractor has a problem with that, I kindly thank him for his time and move onto choice #2.

    When I had my other deck rebuilt a couple of years back, the contractor forgot to install the flashing where the deck meets the house. The cost of the flashing was just a couple of dollars, but it is a necessary item to prevent water leakage into the house.

    I caught the mistake half way through construction, requested it be fixed, and got some mumbling about it not really being necessary (although it clearly is according to the local building code). I pulled out the contract, pointed at the section that specifically required adherence to the local building code, and suggested that we call the building code office to get an inspection.

    Deck partially deconstructed, flashing installed, deck reconstructed, contractor paid, and the contractor file I keep for all contractors received a notation about the incident and the resolution.

    Really, if you are having these kind of problems, the forum quip that applies is: You are doing it wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAL View Post
    I guarantee you that Turbine will not be scratching their heads. They know exactly what they are doing - in the Real Estate world it is called being a Slum Lord. The premise (exactly what they are doing with this game) is to take rent from your property and pocket it.

    Turbine is a 'Slumlord' now? Dude, your posts get funnier and funnier.

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    This thread is now closed due to trolling, fighting and insults.
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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