With some pals we have set up a small guild on the Argonessen server, what is only a static group at the moment. We, amongst others, would like to:

1 - Return to the feeling of tabletop games while playing DDO
2 - Make DDO more challenging with limiting the abundance of magic items, and blocking out shrines.

For this, we have created a ruleset, what you can read here in full:

Our current timing is 4-6 pm central (CDT) ~ 10-12 pm (GMT), but this can change based on everyones needs, as all of us play off hours too.

Contacts in game: Nimleth (guild leader and HR manager), Artist (PR assistant)


Similar static groups / thats where we snatch some of the ideas from / props going to:
Intruder - THACO
Fedora - STORM