Hi folks.

I am not really a new player, but I am a longtime casual player, having played off and on for 5 years. I have many many characters level 10 and under, used to play a lot of permadeath, and have 2 character around level 20. My highest level character is a level 20 cleric. I am not a terribad player, I have successfully healed raids and been congratulated on jobs well done most of the time.

I live in the Republic of Korea though, and generally don't see a lot of activity during my playtimes, which means usually soloing for me. Usually when I am on I see LFMs more for stuff that kind of scares me off ("EE 5th quest in the series, know what you're doing, in progress BYOB")

I have a feeling a lot of people solo the flagging quests and try to PUG out only harder stuff? For example, I've always wanted to try the Inspired Quarter stuff but haven't ever been able to find a group doing them, although I see a lot of loot runs on the last quest.

I am terribad at soloing. My toon does terrible damage. I have some weapon swaps and usually use a holy of pure good greatsword if I try to melee, (fighter dilettante), or an impact weapon and shield for blade barrier or a radiance weapon for divine punishment. As a 28 point toon with so so equipment, my DC is pretty terrible which has kept me from trying implosion type stuff.

This leads up to two ideas:

The first plan I have is to try to push out the favor I need for 32 point builds (Currently at 1500 favor, so somewhat close) and then build up a 32 point toon which can take my cleric's place for grouping with my guild when times overlap. That could then free me up to true reincarnate my cleric, because having a TRed toon is a personal goal for me. This character needs to be fairly self-sufficient, since I mainly get to play when the rest of the world is sleeping so maybe something like a warforged trapper wizard or some sort of melee with a bit of self-healing.

The second plan is to not worry about farming the low level favor and try to push forward with my cleric and get some epic levels. This plan is scary to me because so much of the content I have tried which still gives experience at 20 is very very hard for me. Blade barrier works well against mobs that will chase me, but stinks against casters or ranged based mobs. It takes me a long long time to DOT something down. Meleeing is even more pitiful. The one thing I seem to be able to do solo is Eveningstar Arena challenges. I can usually survive to get 1 star. Anything where I have to protect something I fail miserably as it just takes so long to kill something and they easily destroy the tree, or ritualist or what have you.

Any suggestions either for what sort of more self-sufficient character I can build, content that might be well suited to my cleric or a way to better suit my cleric to content?