I really like the new Glamered cosmetic system. Applying the custome look to my character rather than a specific item is excellent, and now I'm willing to pony up some cash. However here's my dilemma: While there are indeed some Glamered kits that are appealing, there's also some random gen and named loot armor appearances that I would really like to have as my permanent appearance.

Has there been any internal discussion about a Glamered "blank"? If not, would you please pass along this suggestion? I'm thinking something that could be plugged into a stone of change along with any loot gen/named armor, and out comes a new custome appearance. Of course, I expect the the original armor to be destroyed in the process.

Assuming this "blank" would be the most expensive Glamored option in the store, I'll still buy at least 1 for each of my toons.