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    Default Bladeforged Starting Gear

    Iconic Paladin starts with:
    •Forge Blade - +3 Greatsword: 1.50[w], True Law, Improved Bloodletter
    •Creation Forge Docent - +4 Docent: Greater Thorn Guard, Vitality +20
    •Icon of the Lord of Blades: Trinket: Charisma +5, Repair Amplification - 10%
    •Creation Forge Bassinet - Helm: Moderate Fortification, Reconstruction +72
    •Creation Forge Gorget - Necklace: Deathblock, Wisdom +4
    •Battle-Plated Cloak - Cloak: Protection +4, Greater False Life
    •Creation Forge Girdle - Belt: Strength +5, Dexterity +4
    •Creation Forge Gauntlets - Gloves: Melee Alacrity 10%, Attack Bonus +2
    •Creation Forge Sabatons - Boots: Striding +25%, Dodge Bonus 1%
    •Creation Forge Vambraces - Bracers: Resistance +4, Doublestrike 3%
    •Creation Forge Lenses - Goggles: Spot +13, Repair +13
    •Livewood Band - Ring: Constitution +5, Concentration +13
    •Bladed Steel Ring - Ring: Greater Parrying, Intimidate +13

    I rolled a 13pally/2fighter THF DOS

    The creation gear is good. Better than I expected. However, wanted to hear what others are doing on lvl 15 to upgrade their gear.

    So far I’ve
    1.ForgeBlade: Insanity (looks amazing, was made for a Bladeforged)
    2.Gorget: Vendor necklace +6 Wis, +2 Natural Armor ml 15 (so I can cast 3rd lvl spells with my 8 starting wis)
    3.Lenses: Lens of Opportunity, +4 Seeker, SA +3 (moar dps)
    4.Trinket: Greater Stalwart Trinket, +10 HP, 10% e. fort, Stoneskin Guard (guard makes it)

    That’s it so far. For CHA, I cast Eagle’s splendor (+4).

    What are you using?

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    THe only thing I really changed out was my weapon, I'm still in awe that they actually gave us good gear. The xp stone gear came across as so random and goofy...
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    Can't remember all of it but i'm planning on kitting him out with:

    Weapons - Insanity, shining devastation (one of the old style), a couple of nice multi-effect lootgen ones i've got knocking around.
    Helm - The ever-reliable Minos Legens
    Docent - probably beholder plate, maybe black dragonscale
    Trinket - Sustaining symbiont (if beholder plate), or maybe the new shar one for the blur.
    Ring - crafted reconstruction ring of something
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    Until Level 17 the only gear I swapped out was the +3 Greatsword for Atonement (Pre Augment version)

    At 16 added the Insanity Greatsword, Fury of the Flame (Maul)

    At 18 added the Terror, Quoreforged Docent, and Titan gloves to the arsenal

    I agree that they did a good job with equipment for a Melee focused Bladeforge as it comes to gear. The Weapon being one of the easiest to upgrade even if going to the Paladin levels for Holy Sword Spell - a quick and dirty DR breaker for the Devils/Demons.

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    Default Updates to Bladeforge Paladin Items

    I notice that newly-created Bladeforged Paladins now get featherfall on their Creation Forge Sabatons. Is there any way to add this effect to my existing boots? I tried munching them on the Stone of Change with no luck.

    Was this announced in any release notes? I sure didn't catch it.
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    I gave mine the upgraded sora kell set, vampiric fury blade, insanity, and I am working on a upgraded cloudburster. Have a terror banked for him.
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