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    Default Is this site full of it . . .

    . . . or did we really lose half our players since U11?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    . . . or did we really lose half our players since U11?
    I think full of it based on the fact that turbine doesn't release those numbers. At best it's speculative based on partial information.

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    Default Where is data from?

    Nothing on there said where data is from. I clicked on sources and references and it nothing.

    The game population is down for sure, but their numbers are probably just guesses. The best one is probably DDO Oracle.
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    Full of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by hsinclair
    I heard the devs hate all wizards, bards, clerics, fighters, and fuzzy bunnies and only want us to play halfling barbarian/paladin shuriken specialists!

    It's totally true, I have a reliable source. You better reroll now.
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    Its bs, they pull these graphs from out of their backside
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    Full of the truth.
    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
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    Also, nerfing the old thing too, for balance.
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    I would say guesses. I looked at their top 10 list and they are listing each of them dropping by roughly the same amount except for GW/GW2. That level of consistency is suspect.

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    First, you have to ask yourself just what are they counting. 300,000 of what in 2012? Certainly not flesh and blood human beings who have logged in any time recently.

    300,000/8 or 37,500 people per server? Anyone who has actually ever taken the time to count the number of players online using the who panel knows that peak will be around 1,000 players, +/- a few hundred (Wayfinder omitted). Its hard to generate any reasonable scenario from that which extrapolates out to 37,500, although there is probably some one [name redacted] who would be gullible enough to believe that everyone is running anonymous.

    Of course, even the who panel number does not equate to the total number of flesh and blood human beings due to the popularity of multi-boxing.

    The most commonly quoted estimate for active players for the entire game is 50,000, which is likely to be at least in the ballpark.

    The game population does appear to be trending down in the opinion of most people. However, the DDOracle site has not run a traffic report since April 27, so we don't have anything more than people's subjective estimates for the last month+.

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