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    I have not played DDO for over a year now, but I was thinking of coming back. My favorite classes were FVS and Cleric with splashes. I just wanted to say to the developers, you are not only trying to make DDO playable for current gamers but ones that have never played DDO and ones that are thinking of coming back. Likewise overly negative players hurt people that may want to come back.

    The future of DDO relies on it's ability to make people want spend there time and money in DDO. People become emotionally connected to PC's and classes that reflect how they want to play. Its up to the Devs and the Lamannia testers to make that happen.

    ATM its unlikely I will be back after the latest expansion

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    Dude, No you gotta stay i dont like Lamainia being a ghost town it makes me lonely over there
    "Treat People How you want to be Treated, be friends with me i will be friends back.."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeno5k View Post
    Not just Neverwinter, this new pass looks eerily like SWTOR's enhancement system, in fact I'm pretty sure they stole it from SWTOR. The problem is that in SWTOR there is very little variety a healer is a healer a dps is a dps and so on. With this new enhancement pass that's exactly what's going to happen. These idiots are going to ruin the one thing that made DDO worth playing.
    As far as genre goes, I'd much rather play a star wars based game than a D&D one (or any for that matter.)

    I took a break and played SWTOR when it came out. I came back here due to the lack of character build options. The graphics and cutscenes and companions were way better, but I like the character build options. Same reason I left SWG...

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    Molehills and mountains.

    Overall I expect to lose a few points here, gain a few there, but otherwise stay pretty much the same. The molehill is that the interface will be cleaner and how do you get the same stuff out of the system will be slightly different.

    The mountain is that none of this solves the real problem of lv.25 evokers: capped spells and unrealistically high DC-requirements. I'm shiradi now, will be shiradi after. Nothing changes.

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