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    Default Ominence

    Ominence (52) is now recruiting active players.

    About Us

    Ominence is a guild established by Dot/Comedy in about January 2013 which it's original intention was to be a friend guild only. Unfortunately it seems we have no friends (sad) so we ended up leaving it as it was for a while 2 people leveling a guild which was growing very slowly. So it took us a while to realize that in order to meet our desired goal (To run end content in highest difficulty easily and efficiently while helping each other) we need more help.


    Currently we group whenever we can (as we have 4 members) but it will change once we have more dedicated people along with us. We help each other whenever we can such things as farm-able items we often pass to help each others toons grow in both functionality and reliability.


    • Be Nice
    • Patient
    • Don't start drama leave that to CannithTrade
    • Don't be sensitive

    If interested contact Dots,Dotzinha,Dotzu,Dotzy,Dotbrb - Comedy/Obstacle/Lawsho for an invite.
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