Are you of the proper proportions but tired of over-sized behemoths telling you that you're 'too short'? Have you ever been threatened with a violent game of kickball with you as the center focus for no other reason then being of a superior scale than 'big' adventurers? Well no more! Grabby Hands is guild created for the advancement of those of the greatest of all character sizes, beyond the prejudges attempts by the over-sized to subjugate them from their rightful place in the world as their lords and masters.
Grabby Hands is a guild who's sole focus is gathering Halflings together under one banner.
The guild accepts all classes, levels, and playing styles, and only requests that you maintain your race as a Halfling while in the guild. The guild is still developing and has a lot of room to expand, but everything must start somewhere, so why not now?
Members receive free dental care as well.

If you wish to join, you can post here, or Mail the character Dresha in game and an invite will be sent.