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    Default So will we be able to take multiple PREs with the new enhancement system?

    You know like going tier 1 protection on an FVS for the close wounds and the rest in AoV?
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    I think that's the idea, yeah - though it'll be impossible to get the capstone capabilities for more than one.
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    Yes that was the plan and we could in the preview. The capstones were exclusive, and tier 5 enhancements were meant to be exclusive of other trees.

    Pending changes from feedback. We'll see what the beta preview looks like, or if we end up with another alpha preview because of any big changes.
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    In the Alpha version on Lama, it wasn't exactly the Prestige I/II/III system as now. There were several different trees with the same names as the current PrEs, and you could spend points in multiple trees. So it's a "yes" in that you could be a Kensai Tempest, but "no" in that it's not the same Kensai and Tempest.

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