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    Default Is there anything wrong with my DPS calculator?

    So I used to have a really good DPS calculator but I can't seem to find it on the forums and the one I had on my computer was deleted so I'm starting from scratch, can you guys tell me if this is all done correctly:

    The Test Character: LVL 25 Human FVS (Sov Host) with Skybreaker (fully upgraded empty red), Greater Vulkoor's Might(GVM), Ravager Set (RV), Dream Visor(DV), Force Damage Enhancement, Seeker +6 item, Good Hope(GP), Divine Favor(DF), Tunnel Vision (TV), Volcano's Edge, 40 STR, Devastating Critical, Improved Power Attack, 12% Melee Alacrity, and Overwhelming Critical.

    Base Damage
    33 (AVG(3,18)*2.5+AVG(3,18)*0.5[Improved Power Attack]+1[Force Damage]) + 22(STR) +10(PA) +13(GVM+DV+GP+DP) +8(Enhancement Bonus) = 86

    Damage Per 20 Swings
    1,283 (86*15 Base Damage Before Crit) + 1,170((86*2*2)+(86*2*4) Base Damage After Crit)
    + 456 ((AVG(1,12) TV +AVG(2,12) RV +AVG(3,18))*19 Magical Effects Before Crit) + 140 (AVG(10,60)*4 Magical Effects After Crit) + 158 (AVG(60,120)+AVG(45,90) Vorpal Effects) = 3,206

    Damage Per Second
    160(3,206/20 Damage Per Swing) * 97 (86.6*1.12 Swings Per Minute) + 686 (Volcano's Edge once every 12 seconds) = 16206 (Damage Per Minute) /60 = 270 (Damage Per Second)

    So is there any mistake with these calculations? Yes I understand its kinda tedius to look through this but if its all good it might just save us all a ton of trouble.
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