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    I've tried searching and the most recent thread I can find about this on Cannith isa necro from 2011. I also posted a brief comment on a thread in the Argo server pages which has led me to this.

    So... I've heard about User channels through the forum but I have yet to come across them on any of my toons "in game". I guess I'm just not one of the cool kids that gets to hang out with the right people.

    It seems to me that once you reach the mid-teens, LFMs are very thin on the ground, presumably because most people are partying with their guild or through User Channels.

    Are they any "open" user channels that someone (such as myself) could join so that they can mingle with the "in" crowd and perhaps eventually get invited to one of the more particular channels?
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    You can try the channel CannithTrade (case sensitive), it's a trade channel mostly but a lot of people use if for general talking.


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