Would there be any interest in running old Elite Heroic raids?

On my Wizards current life, I'm trying to run all heroic quests on Elite. I'm nearly down to nothing left but the classic old end game raids. Shroud, HoX, VoD, ToD, MA & LoB. I've been running BB whenever possible, and would like to keep that up. Plus, with XP on these I won't have to repeat quests just to reach 20.

Ideally... I'd like to do these for Bravery Bonus. If that isn't doable, I'm also game to do them with a max lvl of 22, which would be full XP for lvl 19s (except Shroud, which is a 25% hit). More than that runs into powerlevelling issues for non-epic toons.

I have tried a couple of these. One Shroud and 2 VoDs that were Pugs. All failed pretty horribly, as I think we've forgotten how tough these things are without mad Destinies.

In particular..... Tanks are needed on most of these. One of the VoD attempts even had a bunch of solid guys, including 2 solid healers.... but no solid tank, which made it a mess anyway.

So.... If anyone has the urge to run these in the next two weeks, send me a PM. I'm not going to necessarily limit it to "TRs only / know it / don't die" style players, but if we don't get at least a good chunk of folks who'd qualify, we'll wipe. In particular, I'm looking for tanks and tough healers. As a wiz... I can't handle any of the specialized roles really, except ToD shadow tanking.

The times I'm looking at is either starting at 8pm Central on a Tuesday (4th or 11th), or somewhere in the 9pm-midnight range on a Friday (7th, 14th).

If those times work for you, and you're interested, drop me a line with when your available and what your toon is.

(Good lord, are they ever going to up the absolutely insane login timeout?)