My buddy [insert fake name here, lets say felicity] agreed with [insert other fake name here, lets say, J] that felicity buys him Astral shards with 4.5k TP and in return J gives him a pre-order code for the expansion. He bought the shards and traded him them, then J logged off. later he sent him a mail saying: "Gregory House:"Everybody Lies"", and another PM saying "haha, gotcha". Now from what I understand and told him the fact he gave him the shards without items in return or some kind of protection items (something worth a lot) means he just lost it all. though he contacted support and they told him they cant do anything (which is a lie), but now they sent him a mail a senior GM is working on it. anyone else thinks J should be banned and felicity should be given back his 4.5k TP?