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    Default AFK Warlords

    I was hosting another "Quick EH FoT, no slackers." I run about eight of these a week. I take the first 11 that apply, and all have been both fast and fun. Not one fail or wipe. It takes less then 20min from the time I open the LFM to when we're looting chests.

    Long story short: Second guy who joins the party is AFK when EVERYONE else is inside waiting. I've even switched toons because I forgot my timer. I ask over mic, and then notice he's still on his ship. The LFM said "Quick," so I dropped him. No worries. But about 5min into the raid, when we're halfway done, I get this tell:

    (Tell): XXX tells you, 'vai tomar no olho do seu cu gringo nfilho da puta me'

    According to Google Translate:
    (Tell): XXX tells you, 'will take on eye on your ***** ass gringo nfilho of me'

    Now, I know Google Translate isn't perfect. But I found this intensely amusing. Over the years I've had only a few good experiences with members from XXX's guild. In fact many of them have actively grief'd runs I've hosted or joined. Since XXX is an officer of said guild, I guess I better be safe than sorry.
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    What he said is "F*** you american son of a *** ", in portuguese. "Gringo" is a bad word for american. "Filho" is son but google translate didn't get that because of the typo "nfilho".

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    Aha. Maybe he didn't know English and used Google to translate "Quick EH FoT, no slackers." into "Please Take 45 Minutes to Buff, the Party Will Wait On You."
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    Default Intensely amused

    I stil don't get it, why did he call you a gringo with pu**y.
    And that was without even a single drop of rum.

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    So, did you report him?
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