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    Default Ser's trading post

    Hello, everyone. Below is my trade list, only in-game items, no xpack code or otto box atm.

    Things I need:

    Globe of True Imperial Blood
    EE/EH Quiver of Poison

    Things I have:

    Epic Gianthold item
    EE Jewel Cloak
    EE Bulwark of the Storm's Fist
    EE The Mountain's Fist
    EH Black Dragon Helm (+3Str, +3Con)
    EH Intricate Field Optics +3Wis
    EH Jewel Cloak
    EH Dream Visor
    EH Arkat's Cord
    EH Great Axe of the Chained Soldier
    EH Jorgundal's Collar
    EH Giantcraft Siberys Compass
    EH Silver Ingot Arcanum
    EH The Turmoil Within
    EH Axe of Adaxus
    EH Skyvault Shield
    EH Chill of Winter
    EH Arcing Sky
    EH Allegiance

    MOTU item
    Planar Focus of Prowess (+3Dex)
    Planar Focus of Subterfuge (+3Dex, +8Dex)
    Planar Focus of Erudition (+8 Wis)
    Seal of House Avithoul (+2Dex)
    Hide of Goristo (+8Con, Shatter+10) (+8Con, +10Stun)(+8Str,+10Tendo Slice) (+8Dex, Shatter+10)
    Staff of the Necromancer
    Seal of House Szind (+7Cha, +2Int)
    Seal of House Dun'Robar (+7Con, Vertigo+10)
    Drow Piwafwi
    Spidersilk Robe (+8Int, +8Cha, +3Cha)
    Spider-spun Carparison (+8Dex, +3Dex, +8Wis, +3Wis)
    Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate (+3Wis, +8Con, +3Con, +3Str, +8Str)
    Stone Heart (+8Con, +8Int, +8Wis)
    Drow Scitimar of the Weapon Master (+10Stun, +10Shatter)
    Drow Greataxe of the Weapon Master (+10Shatter)
    Drow Warhammer of the Weapon Master (+10Tendon Slice)
    Sacificial Dagger

    U15 U16 Item
    EE Corruption of Nature
    EE Swailing blade
    EH Wall of Wood
    EH Wizard's Ward (Magnetism)
    EH Firebreak
    EH Swailing blade
    EH Roadwatch Bow
    EH Forester's Brush Hook

    Other items
    +4 Str Tome
    +3 Tome (Str, Con, Wis, Cha)
    99 Elixirs of Major Mnemonic Enhancement
    Large Guild Slot Item (Helm, Boot, Cloak, Goggles, Gloves)
    Cannith Power Cell (Martial, Mystical, Greater)
    Epic Scrolls (SOS, Claws, Envenomed Cloak, AGA… etc,)
    Large Shround Ings
    Gianthold Relics
    Flawless Dragon Scales (all colors)
    Raid Timer Bypass

    If you are interested in some trades, send PM or in-game mail to Serberic. Thank you and have a nice day
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    +4 STR tome sold, update wishlist, and add 3 black dragon helm in trade list.

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    Add another +4 Str Tome. and update some items.

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