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    Default HOw to max out one's Spell Power?

    What is the maximum spell power that you can achieve? As a level 25 water sorc, I cannot seem to get above 250 spell power.

    100 enhancements,
    +18 implement bonus
    +120 item,
    +20 from Draconic
    +20 alchemical (if I remember to drink the 3 min pots)


    I don't see how others are getting to 300 and even some bragging about 400.

    What am I missing?

    Prior to the update and even the recent patch, I was able to do 800dmg on average with polar ray, and crits over 1500 consistently. Now I am lucky to get 3-500 for normal and 800-1200 crits. I use a lot more spell points to take out mobs in quests that I used to run with ease. My EB and Dragon breath don't crit for more than 2k anymore. So when I see posts from non pure builds with maxed out enhancements how can they be doing more than 25k dmg when I am lucky to get 1500 these days?

    I know that spell lvl effects EB and Breath more than spell power does, but with all my sorc enhancements and draconic destiny giving bonus to spell lvls for water spells, I should be doing massive dmg. I know that having 5 pieces of abishi would help with that but unfortunately I will have to console myself with the Challenge gear which I do love a lot. (Rock boots, Wind Bracers, and cloak of flames are pretty nice overall)

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    i dont know how to reach 400 but im sure its definatelly not permanent. it must be a temp situation, using ckickies potions cookies etc

    also, Draconic is not just 20

    Draconic Fury: Active Ability: (Cooldown 4 mins) +20% Spellpower for 20 seconds

    Dragon Heritage: Passive Bonus: Choose a dragon color. +[10/20/30] spell power with the element associated with that dragon color.

    Secondary Spell Speciality: Passive Bonus: Choose an energy type not opposed to your dragon heritage. +[10/20] spell power and +[1/2] caster level and maximum caster level for spells of that element.
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