Thelanis has a new completionist!

This character, before being deleted, was named Daybreak. Now named Nightbreak, I’ve gotten a past life in every class, Ranger and Favored Soul twice, and am beginning my initial (how can I say final, game changes, my mind changes) life.

Since I’ve been on Thelanis I’ve been in a few different guilds, and met some truly incredibly people. I would like to say thanks to all of the people who have made my dungeon crawls more enjoyable and entertaining.

ArchAngels, a terrific guild to be part of and where I currently reside. Taank, Ravaclese, Blano, Bunk, Thingy, Impaqt, Pyx, Blues, Jaerle, and a host of others have made for many good times.

Staples – from Amen and EUValen – Aliclan are two of my absolute favorite people in game and have duoed far too many quests to count with me. It’s been an amazing experience knowing you both.

There are so many people I’ve met along the way, who have touched my life on some level. Some no longer play. I find it amusing I attain this goal on my good friend Cardinal Drew’s Birthday! Wish he was back in game. Others like Darknysss who no longer play helped get me here, also.

Former guildies like Gimp, Summy, Vaz, Vandrik there are so many I loved running dungeons with. There are so many other friends in game, I feel like I’m forgetting about 50 people who might take offense, and to those I simply beg forgiveness. You’ve seen me forget to use a con item at end game…you know I’m a little off in the head!

Taank and I were discussing about how one of the terrific aspects of this game is the relationships that have come along with it, I’ve met some great people in game, and tomorrow night, in fact, I’m having dinner with a guildie for the first time.

It’s been a great more than 5 years, thanks to all of you. See you in a dungeon!

Been so long since I've used forums to much of a degree, I forget how to best post a pic in here!