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    Default Missing items from Shadowfell Collectors and Legendary pre-order

    I ordered the Collectors and Legendary upgrades last night and I am missing a number of items. Here is the list of items on the website that it says you get right away and what I am missing:For ordering the collectors edition:Shadow of a Doubt Quest --> Got this3 Character Slots --> Got thisGreater Tome of Epic Learning (1 per Server) --> Got this One +2 Skill Tome per character --> Got this2000 Turbine Points --> Got thisFor ordering before Aug 19th: Bladeforged Paladin Iconic Hero (with additional character slot) --> Got thisExclusive Bladeforged Warrior Blue & Gold Cosmetic Costume --> Got the Blue MISSING GoldExclusive Warrior Gold Cosmetic Costume --> MISSINGExclusive Calico Tressym Creature Companion --> Got thisExclusive Tawny Owlbear Creature Companion --> Got thisStormhorn Specs Cosmetic Goggles --> Got thisMountaineers Cosmetic Goggles --> Got thisLegendary Upgrade:Owlbear Defender Hireling – Level 17/24 (More) --> MISSINGWilderness Cosmetic Armor Kit (More) --> MISSINGExclusive Tan Striped Pseudo Dragon Creature Companion (More) --> MISSINGWizard Cosmetic Hat & Matching Creature Companion Hat (More) --> MISSING2 Pack of +3 Skill Tomes per character (More) --> MISSING5 Sovereign I XP Elixirs (per server) --> MISSINGLesser Tome of Epic Learning per character --> MISSINGWhen I try to input my code for the legendary it says:The following subscription(s) already have the features you are activating: Subscription Nickname Features Activated Main 1 Month DDO Plan What do I need to do to get the Legendary active?

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    I can't seem to change the formatting. Basically, I'm missing everything from Legendary upgrade and a few things from Collectors.

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    Default code finally worked. I had to keep trying to claim my code on the account page over and over again before it finally worked. nvm!

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    I am having the same problem. I even tried to keep entering my code. I am not having the same luck... If anyone has some suggestions I am all ears.

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    Enter your code as a "game time code" and it should work. That's what I had to do.

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    Smile getting shadowfell and and legendary pre orders to work

    Quote Originally Posted by Latharna View Post
    Enter your code as a "game time code" and it should work. That's what I had to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Latharna View Post
    Enter your code as a "game time code" and it should work. That's what I had to do.

    seems the guys selling the new shadowfell expansion ( digital river ) put the wrong info on how to upgrade your account for the new content... especally if you are using more than one account... even the turbine ( turbine my account ) faq page on how to upgrade your subscription to the new shadowfell expansion is wrong... talk about making it even harder for people to buy and use it...

    steps i used to get the new expansion shadowfell conspiracy and its upgrade and the extra turbine points to work...

    I have two or more ddo accounts...

    bought the new expansion and upgrade and points from the digital river page...

    tried to follow the digital river receipt instructions, turbine my account faq pages, email receipt, no workys...

    logged into my account turbine...

    clicked on the account i wanted to upgrade by choosing the "change billing options"...

    click on the button for "i want to enter a game time card key"... (guess someone got lazy here with the name and or description"...

    copy and paste or enter the key code for the shadowfell expansion and click submit...

    say yes to whatever terms...

    then your done... i think... it gives you a description of what you just bought and added to your account...

    do all the steps above again for the legendary upgrade for the expansion...

    log into the game with the toon you want the special items to be found in their inventory space/backpack space for the first time for? (confusing) and there they are...

    for the extra turbine points log into the ddo store on a toon in game(for whatever account you want these points for, (doesnt seem to matter if its the shadowfell upgrade or expansion account) and enter the point code in the ddo stores "redeem point card" thingy on the right side of the point buying window... for the extra store points from this promotion...

    Then notice on your "turbine my account" page it doesnt show your account has the new expansion listed by it like the other expansions, dunno why...

    i guess turbine and digital river dont talk to each other either, just like us, lol... or they would get their act straight about how to enter the codes for the new shadowfell expansion,, correctly.... instead of, like usual, having us bug check it live and find a workaround for it, lol...

    so, guess we arent the only ones ddo doesnt keep up to date with stuff, or talk to much...or whatever...

    and, damn relogging every five mins to post this....

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