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    Default Newbforged - Goal: Solo/Epic Hard with Minimal Investment

    I was trying to think of how to make a good bladeforged.

    It doesn't seem to have a huge advantage for a juggernaut (cha/dex is a wash since you need manyshot, minus heal amp is worse than transient unreliable PRR, Ranger > Paladin splash, don't need the reconstruct SLA as much when it finally gets added). I was going to do a paladin/2 monk/2 ranger with manyshot but it just seems like such an effort when I'm already grinding out EDs on my main character. So I felt like something easy that gets their power quickly.

    Bladeforged Paladin 18/Wizard 1 (taken at level 2)/Fighter 1 (taken at level 16)/US 5 (LD 5 if you don't mind grinding thru GMOF)
    S 15 + level ups (+2 tome needed for overwhelming critical)
    D 10
    C 16
    I 12 (to max conc and repair, plus a few points in balance with a +2 tome at level 7)
    W 10
    C 14
    Some min maxers may dump their dex and wisdom to increase their strength.

    1 adamantine body
    W@2 quicken
    3 toughness
    6 power attack
    9 cleave
    12 great cleave
    15 two handed fighting
    F@16 improved two handed fighting
    18 greater two handed fighting
    21 improved critical (type depending on your equipment)
    24 overwhelming critical

    Level 15 enhancements:
    Follower of the sovereign host 2, Unyielding sovereignty 4
    Paladin item defense I 1
    Paladin courage of good II 3
    Paladin resistance of good II 3
    Paladin divine sacrifice II 3
    Paladin exalted smite III 6
    Paladin extra lay on hands II 3
    Paladin extra smite evil IV 10
    Paladin knight of the chalice II 6
    Racial toughness II 3
    Paladin energy of the templar II 3
    Repair manipulation I 1
    Paladin toughness II 3
    Warforged con I 2
    Warforged healer's friend II 3

    With just your starting equipment your repair crit will heal 75-94 hp for 16 mana right of the bat.
    Lay on hands appears to heal 165 hp.
    I used jump, detect secret doors, and shield for my wizard spells.
    I used repair crit, repair serious, cure moderate, repair moderate, resist energy, divine favor, prot evil, and lionheart as my paladin spells.

    Wizard is taken at level 2 to max the repair skill since it will affect repair spell power in the next update.
    Wizard is taken for quicken, echoes of power, 40 repair spell power (until the enhancement changes).
    Fighter is taken at level 16 so that you start with repair critical right off the bat (paladin 14 on creation).
    Fighter is taken for the extra feat and to allow for the defender of siberys option (until the next update when you won't need the tower shield feat but at that time the extra feat will still be useful).

    Can do some under level 13 quests to get some money for holy sword components, potions (blindness removal, curse removal, lesser restoration, and a few repair serious for when taking underwater damage), and some cheap auction house items. Then after you are equipped start trying to elite streak!

    Useful equipment to pick up off the auction house:
    blindness ward goggles
    feather fall item
    two handed of hemorrhaging weapon

    When you hit level 16 your survivability may be increased by switching to defender with your enhancements.
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    Honestly if your goal is eh it really doesn't matter much what you do with the build, just grind out ld and you can destroy eh content solo on pretty much anything closely resembling a decently built character.

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    What you have here is very similar to build I am making, except that mine is taking Shield Mastery and Improved Shield Mastery instead of the THF line.

    Level split is the same, which I feel is superior to the 18Pal/2fighter split,.

    I believe speccing for shields could make the toon more viable in content beyond E Hard. Should be able to hit a fairly significant AC and PRR at end game coupled with repairs and LOHs and a cpl of twists from Unyielding and could make a fairly decent EE capable toon.
    Of course when you really want to DPS you can equip a two hander, but when the **** goes down in EE having a monster PRR and High AC is what will save your bacon!
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    I think as a low resource build it is easier to get thru epic norm/hards without the dungeon scaling you get from a healer hireling. Not to mention non epics and byoh groups.

    When the enh revamp hits you could drop toughness for shield mastery and potentially still keep greater two handed fighting?

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