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    Default DDO is spamming awesomiumprocess.exe and chewing up resouress

    Awesomiumprocess.exe is part of an in-game browser used by many games but never seen it used by DDO until yesterday's update.

    Now when I open up my task-manager after I notice crippling lag it seems I have 6-8 of these files open. I shut them down and doesn't seem to affect game play but a few hours later I have 6-8 open again. I this normal?
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    Began noticing this last night. Initially thought it was for the DDO store, but I haven't touched the store today and just shut down 6 of these process. Not amused..
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    This other thread has quite a bit of information and speculation on the problems:

    Awesomium has been around for a while, but not with multiples like this.

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    Awesomium is browser built up on Web Kit. It spawns a process for every page loaded in the application/browser inside. It is similar to Google Chrome spawning a process for every single tab, window or extension.

    My questions:

    Why ddoclient want to open these browsers regardless to whether I use ddo store or not?
    - I understand this: you want to have this page prepared to popup without waiting to load. But why 6-8 instances?

    Why one of webpages takes more CPU than ddoclient itself?

    My advice: Do revision of browser usage, loading pages, etc. Are all these pages really necessary to be loaded from the very beginning? Do you really need an active script running inside of the browser when this browser is not visible?

    Oh, finally, this is funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanesa View Post
    Why ddoclient want to open these browsers regardless to whether I use ddo store or not?
    - I understand this: you want to have this page prepared to popup without waiting to load. But why 6-8 instances?
    I already answered this in the other thread where you posted this exact same post.
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    Default Problems reported to Awesomium, but they blame DDo Devs

    In my endless and fruitless search for a possible solution to the problems caused by the multiple spawning of awesomium.exe, I found this thread in the forums at

    The person goes on a rant but describes our pain very well. What is important to me is the answer he is given by someone in the forums, which is the first one you see if you scroll down. I can only assume its a knowledgeable user of the tool. The gist is that DDo should only spawn one awesomium process, not 6, or 10, much less 14.

    He goes on about some technical explanation, but bottom line, the ball is landed at the feet of the DDo devs, who as the person claims, need to streamline and clean up their stuff.

    I quote:
    "I also think, that 14 instances of awesomium (or any other browser engine) at the same time, it's too much for 3D application, especially given that they are used only to create the game menu. This is a very wasteful, and it's a DDo developers fault. It seems like they try load all game menus beforehand. If so, then this is not the best idea."

    Now I know that because of many of us ranting about the issue these threads are probably being ignored, but I hope they fix things, because I won't purchase any new expansions until they do.

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    It seems, like developers of DDo had not done the necessary optimizations. Which exactly optimization is nedeed, it's a separate question. And the answer to this question should give developers of DDo, not Awesomium. I just give an example. The length of the texture sides by vertical and horizontal must be power of two (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 etc), otherwise even one instance of awesomium will take ~20% of your 8-cores CPU (1 of the cores will be fully loaded). And it's not the awesomium fault, but feature of texture processing by 3D engine.

    . someday they might fix this issue... . . .. . . ..... . . .

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