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    Default How did the Storm Horn Mountains get their name?

    As a Bard told it to me...

    The Storm Horns have long been a wild range, with strongholds belonging to a vicious goblin empire. The empire's grip on the mountains was broken by the campaigns of many of whom set up an alehouse, knowing his kinsmen's penchant for drink.

    The house was also known to non-drwarves as a place to provision and learn of the conditions ahead. On one occasion, an elven traveler was dismayed by the reports from returning campaigners and wondered aloud why anyone would willingly venture into such inhospitable peaks. The Master, passing by with drinking horns filled with frothy, dwarven bliss overheard. To which he replied:

    "You must be a powerful caster of spells, Lord; now my horns have storms in them".

    For the Tempest-in-a-teapot--dwarven style--the Alehouse came to be known as the Home of the Storm-Horns. Travelers who came thereafter (erroneously) thought the alehouse named after the mountains, and so the name stuck.
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