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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaliya View Post

    Several of the high-level areas are now nearly abandoned. I hardly ever see LFMs for Cannith quests, and Amrath is nearly a ghosttown, because nobody runs the raids in these areas any more. They were major sources of XP for TRs running bravery bonuses a year ago. Even the Inspired Quarter quests seem a little less popular.

    The lack of raiding is also a big deal. People didn't run Shroud, HoX, VoD etc specifically to get XP, but it helped a lot. Especially Shroud, which has a lot of XP between the main and optionals. These raids are also now rarely run, and even when they are, most of the groups have epic characters in them so there's no XP.
    More content is not always a good thing for those who still like running the "old-stuff"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaliya View Post
    BTW at one point yesterday I was holding an LFM open for Beyond the Rift, elite, 16-18.. in about 20 minutes not one person even applied.
    Quests that require flagging will always get fewer takers.

    If instead that LFM were "Lords of Dust full chain, including rift" I bet it'd fill pretty quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tralfaz81 View Post
    Spent an hour waiting for a PUG for the shroud with a level cap of 20 - numerous times. Never got past 5 of us and no healer. I've actually only run it with groups of Epic toons, just won't fill out otherwise.
    Not surprised. Personally I would never wait beyond ten minutes. If nobody joins within that period chances are it will never fill. I've also practically stopped raiding with pugs. I simply have no confidence in them when it comes to raids or difficult quests.

    Quote Originally Posted by tralfaz81 View Post
    Waited for an hour to run In The Flesh, finally went in with a few hires and, of course, wiped at the end.
    This is a difficult quest. I rarely run this quest these days and I certainly would never join a pug for it without having at least one or two people in it that I knew.

    Quote Originally Posted by tralfaz81 View Post
    Even Running With the Devils and other high teen leveled quest hit too hard to use hires on Elite.
    I've two-manned it with hirelings. You need to make sure you pay very close attention to how the hirelings behave and go slow. Deaths are going to happen so make sure everyone is capable of raising someone even if that only means surviving to get within range of the shrines.
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