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    For me I found that my Pure DoS Paladin was able to find utility in all but GMoF (this was tough but I think a Monk splash would find this one easier) ...

    My reasons:
    Paladin's have SP naturally - means a lot of abilities are on the table for use
    Paladin's have martial skills meaning every melee ability is on the table. For Defensive stance Paladin's FoTW can be challenging to fully utilize but with imagination it can be effective.

    Through EDs is the only way to be a Paly/Bard. There are some nice boosts in power around Tier 3 and Tier 4, including weapon damage increases through procs.

    Draconic also has a few nice abilities, I like the Roar Fear Effect as it gives that Paladin Rally Feel. Also has the energy sheath ability and while there is UMD in paladin builds that at best will give you Fire and Ice, many of the higher quests have a lot of lightning, which coupled with Paladin Saves could mean the difference between taking 1/4 damage vs 1/2 damage - Sometimes having that reduced further by resist means taking nearly 0 damage instead of 100s. It is also a Tier 1 ability so you can twist it as soon as your move to the next ED.

    Personally I would recommend the following minimum before you TR

    Take DI to 3 720,000 XP
    Take FS to 4 1,080,000 XP
    Take SD to 3 720,000 XP
    Take LD to 4 1,080,000 XP

    Total of 3,600,000 XP - Or 600,000 XP more than 20 to 25. If you have the stomach for it go Tier 4 in GMoF. Once you've done that you will have unlocked the ability to go to all spheres, you are still limited to the gateway EDs on Divine and Primal but it will be easier to finish it up.

    Personally I've tried different techniques of ED leveling from Doing the Minimum needed to move around (3 and 4 for gateways) and even the Max it (ie Tier 5 and maybe some more) before I move on.

    Each has it's advantage and drawbacks.

    Minimum leveling opens up EDs faster and helps gather Fatepoints and lower tier abilities for twisting - However at the cost of not having some of the more powerful ED abilities

    Maximum leveling gets you to the more powerful abilities sooner but does not have access to the Fatepoints or other ED abilities as quickly.

    Currently if just earning the XP from 20 to 25 (3,000,000 XP) is equivalent to:

    2 EDs to Tier 5 or 3 1/3 Fatepoints


    Approx. 3 Tier 3 and 1 Tier 4 ED or 4 1/3 Fatepoints

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaliya View Post
    So now I'm a paladin with a sorceror's destiny, almost no XP in it so it will take me quite a while to unlock anything else, and there's nothing that seems to appropriate for a paladin anywhere near it on the "destiny map".

    Just TR lol.

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    Default Pfffffft!

    You call THAT a mistake?

    You should some of my toons, lol.

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    Like others have said just get a few lvls in Draconic and TR. TRing is your plain already isn't it so it doesn't matter for the little time you will be at endgame.

    What I did was in one life I opened opened up lots of acces via 3/4levels per ED but then kept maxing the EDs out for something do between further TRs

    It really depends how long you want to stay at "endgame". Personally I find farming rusted blades or w/e gets old after maxing out one destiny and it makes me happy to TR again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    Insulting the development team is not allowed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jendrak
    Somebody should definitely explain to Turbine that when they roll up a new GM that INT is not dump stat.

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    personally I found fatesinger the most universally useful ED, it has something for almost everyone.

    haggle, strength, umd, +1 to all stats, eschew materials!, reign!, disabling epic orange named mobs. certainly more fun than energy sheath.

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    At least you didn't go from Barbarian to Favored Soul like I did. I learned my lesson.

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    Quote Originally Posted by ForumAccess View Post
    Which would suggest that doing all of your EDs in one life, before the expansion, is the way to go. Once you hit the XP cap you can cap your EDs with ~40 hours of Rusted Blades. And yes, that is quite grindy. But the alternative would be several hundred hours of running all of the epic quests for Bravery Bonus each life. Which seems even more grindy to me, considering you are doing it over and over each life rather than once-and-done.
    Honestly, I would probably prefer to do it slowly over many lives even if it's less efficient. I might do a little bit of grinding if I'm enjoying the epic stuff a lot, but I rarely enjoy doing the same quest more than a few times.

    Maybe that's a mistake, and when they expand the cap to 28 I'll regret not having farmed all the EDs. Then again, maybe when they expand the cap to 28 there will be more to do rather than doing the same quest a hundred times. Guess we'll see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chauncey1 View Post
    You call THAT a mistake?

    You should some of my toons, lol.
    I'm sure. But this is my only one other than bank characters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Systern View Post
    Actually, I rather enjoyed my Arti in Fatesinger.
    Cool. I guess I can give it a try.

    Quote Originally Posted by Systern View Post
    Another thing, I'm sorry to everyone else if this is "fight club" buuuuut... If you TR a lot, you're probably used to banking XP. The Epic XP system is separate from the Heroic XP system. So while you can bank 2 heroic levels and be capped.... That doesn't cap your Epic XP. It's possibly (though not really recommended) to hold 18 until you're one point away from level 22. All that epic XP you're banking goes into the destiny you had active prior to TRing. Soooo, when you do get ready to TR again, be sure to switch to a destiny that can benefit from the "overflow" XP. My Last TR life, I hit enough XP for 20 on a thursday, but spent the weekend helping 5 friends get to 20 and made some nice XP in a destiny I never played
    This is interesting but is a bit confusing. Each time I get to 20 I can choose to add future XP to any destiny I've already unlocked, right? So what would staying at 18 gain me?

    Quote Originally Posted by Systern View Post
    And by the way, I'm doing the completionist/destiny route similar to you... I've had a grind session or 2 though. Prior to that I was kind of picking my next TR life dependent on what Destinies were unlocked, but recently I decided to change that system. Don't listen to what people tell you is most efficient. Listen to yourself on what you think is the most fun.

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