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    Default Update 18 Patch 1 Releases notes available

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    There is now a temporary portal to Eveningstar from the Eberron Harbor. The portal is located near the entrance to the quest "The Spinner of Shadows" (where the crack in the wall is.) The portal will take characters to the entrance to the quest "Beyond the Rift."
    They might want to mention something about "Beyond the Rift" not needing Spinner completion to run now, if that is the case, or that this portal bypasses the needed flag, or however the heck it is supposed to work (I got my completion and ran the three new quests last night so it doesn't really matter to me now, but for others...).

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    So instead of fixing spinner quest they made a bandaid bypass for it. LOL. all I can do is SMH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thame View Post
    So instead of fixing spinner quest they made a bandaid bypass for it. LOL. all I can do is SMH
    Seriously? So while a fix is being worked on, the quest has been closed and they have provided an alternative way to skip past it. And you have a problem with that?

    By your marvellous logic, you are suggesting that they should either leave the quest up in it's current form while it is being fixed with no way to bypass it, or they should just close the quest and provide no way to get to Eveningstar while it is being fixed?

    So that would mean no way to do Beyond the Rift, which means no way to do The Lost Thread, which means no way to do The Battle for Eveningstar. Is that what you are suggesting?

    Or do you not understand that sometimes these problems take time to fix and can't be immediately resolved by stomping your feet and crying about it? If it was as easy to fix as you presumably think, wouldn't it be fixed already? You understand that the portal is a temporary solution while a permanent fix is being worked on?

    Personally, I wouldn't have closed the quest, just put a warning up when people attempt to enter it. We did it fine in it's current "bugged" state on our 2nd attempt.
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