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    Default Adventure Pack Bundles

    I'd like to see several new adventure pack bundles added to the store. I think this could help new players get invested in the game more quickly, as well as generate more revenue for Turbine by more efficiently converting players sampling the game into dedicated players.

    The idea is to encourage more $20 and $30 points purchases from cheapskates like me, instead of having them (as I did) grind out thousands of TP via favor to buy their packs. If these deals were in the store when I started playing I would have bought them all, and would have ended up spending more real dollars than I actually did. It works out to a similar amount of TP spent, since I waited for sales on most packs but also bought a few at full price.

    I base the pricing model off the existing necropolis bundle:

    Necropolis Bundle 1495 TP
    250 Necropolis Part 1
    350 Necropolis Part 2
    350 Necropolis Part 3
    850 Necropolis Part 4
    1800 retail price
    1495 bundle price

    1495 / 1800 = 0.8306 (ie: 1800 * .8306 = 1495, so multiply retail by .8036 to get bundle price)

    NOTE: One of the most important aspects of these bundles is to have no repeats. Buying one bundle shouldn't give you part of another bundle.

    Deluxe Bundle 2995 TP
    850 Delera's Tomb
    950 Demon Sands
    950 Ruins of Gianthold
    950 Vale of Twilight
    3600 (* .8306 = 2990)

    The deluxe bundle is aimed at new players who are hooked from day 1 but don't want a subscription. This is a good enough deal to legitimize a $30 points purchase as their first purchase right off the bat. I would have jumped on this when I started, but since there was nothing like this offered my first purchase was $8 (or was it $6? $7?) just to qualify for premium status. I favor ground a lot of packs.

    It contains enough content to get you from 1 to 20 without issue, plus much of the signature loot in the game.

    Third Life Bundle 1795 TP
    350 Devil Assault
    350 Reaver's Reach
    450 Path of Inspiration
    450 Dreaming Dark
    550 Devils of Shavrath
    2150 (* .8306 = 1786)

    Obviously, here we have a bunch of high level packs to help TRs get back to 20.

    Epic Bundle 1795 TP
    450 Phiarlan Carnival
    450 Sentinels of Stormreach
    750 Vault of Night
    450 Red Fens
    2100 (* .8306 = 1744)

    Pretty self-explanatory, the epic bundle gives all the remaining eberron epic not included in other bundles.

    ??? Bundle 1795 TP
    550 Attack on Stormreach
    450 Harbinger of Madness
    450 Reign of Madness
    650 Secrets of the Artificers
    2100 (* .8306 = 1744)

    I don't know what to call this bundle, but I really like the packs introduced in this ~18 month time period and feel they fit together well.

    Sampler Bundle 995 TP
    250 Seal of Shan-To-Kar
    350 Sharn Syndicate
    550 Tangleroot Gorge
    1150 (* .8306 = 955)

    The sampler bundle is aimed at people just checking out the game to see what's what. It's a small enough amount of TP to be easily afforded with the lowest TP points purchase plus a relatively small amount of favor grinding via first 100 favor on a server bonuses, and is geared toward being very quickly playable to low level players.

    Forgotten Realms Bundle
    Druid's Deep
    High Road of Shadows

    This bundle needs to wait for one or two more FR packs to be released.

    Completionist Bundle 1995 TP
    250 Catacombs
    650 Three-Barrel Cove
    450 Sorrowdusk isle
    550 Ruins of Threnal
    550 Restless Isles
    2450 (* .8306 = = 2035)

    Okay, admittedly this bundle (unlike any others listed) gives a bigger discount than the necropolis bundle, but geez, Three-Barrel Cove is crazy overpriced. This is all the packs not contained in any other bundle.

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    problem is that if you have already one of adv.packs from bundle, you cant buy it.
    like Carneval, attack on stormreach, dreaming dark and path of insiration is alredy in MotU standard bundle (from ddo market). so from these bundles you wrote, i cant buy that epic bundle coz have already carneval from MotU. thats pity coz it can still be good deal even i have one from pack.
    but good idea anyway, im for more bundles also

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    I don't see Turbine making very many bundles via the DDOStore in the future. I could see it happening in the DDOMarket though.

    Why in the DDOMarket?
    1) Player who own a single adventure pack can't buy via the DDOStore, but can buy via the DDOMarket.
    2) No favor farming option via the DDOMarket.
    3) Tradable.

    I'm actually surprised that the DDOMarket hasn't been used a bit more in this way to get packs available. The most obvious bundle would be a Warforged themed pack that contained the Warforged race (995 TP), Secrets of the Artificer (650 TP) and Vault of the Artificer (1295 TP). That's 3140 TP or roughly $35 that could be discounted a bit. They could make a Deluxe version that included all the above plus the Artificer for a bit more. Of course, both options would include some silly special item, like the other DDOMarket packs, such as an unique Cosmetic Docent skin or unique Cosmetic Golem pet. At least in my mind, this would be a way to pitch the horribly priced House C Challenges to new players without having them feel completely ripped off, like the original buyers of that particular pack.

    So, yeah, I think the bundled pack idea can work, via the DDOMarket. I'm just surprised that it hasn't be optimized a bit more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    I'd like to see several new adventure pack bundles added to the store. I think this could help new players get invested in the game more quickly, as well as generate more revenue for Turbine by more efficiently converting players sampling the game into dedicated players.
    An alternative would be to grant every account a variety of 'Pick n Mix' discount codes:

    Buy two packs, get 15% off.
    Buy three packs, get 25% off.
    Buy four packs, get 35% off.

    Maximum flexibility will promote maximum usage. The Pick n Mix approach avoids the lock-out problem of already having one of the packs in a bundle.
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