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    Default simple

    fix bugs

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    Forgive the tl;dr nature of this post but I keep a list of the things I would like to see changed/in the game sorted somewhat into a few informal categories:

    UI Changes
    • Add the ability to force chat window backgrounds to be non-transparent
    • Playing in Windowed mode you should be able to undock Chat windows and the Map if you wish (for those of us using multiple monitors
    • Option to suppress seeing or hearing other players cutesy pets
    • Ability to view your raid timers from the login screen
    • Ability to see your bank/inventory from the login screen and swap items if the user has a shared bank
    • Ability to search for gear on all toons from the bank/login screen
    • Ability to search the TR Cache
    • Ability to sort the TR Cache/bags alphabetically
    • Ability to name/label your bags
    • Ability to return the hotbars to the pre-MotU style
    • Add a Dismiss Summons button that works for any summoned creature cast
    • Add a checkbox to make a toon Anonymous from the login screen
    • Add a filter for the AH for Augments/Guild slots
    • Add more bank space

    Social Tools
    • Friends list character level fixed
    • Friends lists should be able to add a users account to the list, with their permission. Keeping the system of adding individual toons without the persons notice.
    • Friends lists should post your one liner of notes on the toon when they login
    • Guild list should let you group toons by account
    • Guild list should let you place notes on toons
    • Chat Channels should let you list current members
    • Chat channels should have an admin who can ban particular people from the channel

    • For the ever love of God and sanity add a second button labeled "Craft all/Trade All/Sunder All" or let you have a method to click through a stack of "x" like when buying a large quantity of ingredients/potions
    • Allow the creation of Augments via Cannith Crafting, e.g. Make a Red "Curspewing shard Ml12" or a combat skill eg a Red "Vertigo +6" Ml20 shard
    • Increase the level cap for crafting and add higher level shards.
    • Allow Epic House C ingredients to be traded for heroic of the same type 1:1

    Game Mechanics
    • Add Harm scrolls to the Vendors and ensure that Harm will remove stat damage for a PM in form.
    • Add Pole-arms
    • Revamp Ranged Combat to include:
    • Implement a dialog switch on quivers to only collect either arrows or bolts. Or failing that introduce quarrels to hold bolts and disallow the type in quivers.
    • Allow arrows within a quiver to be placed on a hotbar and switchable from the quiver
    • Give us more named quivers/quarrels
    • Review all ammo types. Remove the non-returning throwing weapons in the game eg. 20 Anarchic Throwing Hammers, since I doubt anyone has used these more than once ever
    • Buffs pause in public area's
    • During Mabar add a shrine set to the area
    • Revamp the Lag-dragon in Mabar to use a different mechanic to be not so server crippling.

    • Update the installer with the MOTU patches at least instead of requiring us to redownload 30,000 updates if we need to reinstall the client
    • Fix the memory leak or give us a tool to defrag the game .dat files.
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    I'd like to see.....

    -When you select a party member, their blue dot on the minimap turns a different color, or blinks. If they are out of range, an arrow points to their dot. Anyone playing a healer in a raid will know how useful this would be.

    -Increase melee damage for melee classes. I feel useless playing a fighter or barbarian on EH and EE when the pale masters are instakilling everything.

    -Boost damage for vorpal/smiting/banishing/etc. 100 dam is worth squat after level 15, and useless after level 20. I can understand it not instakilling powerful enemies, but maybe boost it to 250 or 500. Arcane archer slayer arrows at least do 750, which is noticable on enemy HP bars.

    -Give divines better spell DCs. Seriously. Balance it with less melee ability or whatever you want. My spells never work, and I've invested in spell pen and all that nonsense. It's frustrating when I have to beat on every enemy for 5 minutes in the Underdark, and they resist/evade more than 50% of the stuff I throw at them. I'm happy I can heal myself, yes. I'm less happy that my class can only heal and needs someone else to kill stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post

    And I think we all agree the game is fun... otherwise we wouldn't be here. Every time you log into DDO instead of any of the other 5,000 choices out there, you're saying DDO is more fun than those other 5000 video games I could be playing instead.
    So 1/8th of the time, right after expansions when I log into DDO Im saying its more fun than the other 5000 choices out there. The other 7/8th of the time, when is right after I get bored with the expansion, until the next expansion drops, im either logging into a different game which is now more fun than DDO and the other 4998 examples out there, or Im doing something in RL which just became more fun than all 5000 of your examples.

    By doing away with most of the time restrictions, allowing people to pay to circumvent all other time restrictions they didnt just do away with, and then on top of that, making the game easier and easier, they just succeeded in making DDO really really fun, for about a month a year and boring for the other 11 months. There is no hope that new content can be released anywhere even remotely close to the same amount of time even a casual gamer like myself will get bored with the previous release.

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    Nothing, the game is perfect.

    hehe, okay, no really, I like the following suggestions above:

    Quote Originally Posted by Substitutename View Post
    -make epic spellcasting a thing.

    -Increase the usefulness of Cannith Crafting.

    -Make things that are stupidly bound to character (eveningstar comms, eveningstar challenge mats, etc) bound to account or unbound. BTC is for raidloot only. Anything else should not penalize people for having multiple characters.

    -introduce 3-for-1 trade npc's for all pieces in all old epic packs that use the scroll-seal-shard system.

    -Full list of items on every 20th raid completion.

    -20th Epic completion of a raid will have a crystal shard and crystal seal available in reward list. This may be traded 1-for-1 with any shard or seal from that pack at the trader npc.

    -Spell DC's reworked to be similar to MOTU's AC change, but gravitating closer to 70% success.

    -give EVERY raid an epic version. Useful to fill the "xp/things to do" void at the top epic levels.

    -revamp base xp in many heroic quests that reward too little, such as House Cannith quests and Amrath.
    The others I'm putting some more thought into. I don't think widening the level range for quests will do anything, since everyone runs BB streak and only wants people of max level or max level-1 to make the quest as easy as possible on elite. So, I'd make these changes instead:

    - Eliminate streak bonus (it's not group friendly), and in it's place increase hard xp 10%, elite xp 20% for first 3 runs each, plus a BB for first time at those difficulties of 20% and 30% (#'s can be adjusted if needed, but this should provide adequate xp for TRs)

    - Add a 5% xp per person beyond the first bonus to encourage (but not require) grouping/pugging

    - Adjust scaling +1 from base, same cap (so a solo character counts as 3, no scaling past 4th person), to remove a factor that discourages grouping

    Non-related changes:
    - Remove all weight from anything in an ingredients or collectibles bag
    - make all ingredients/collectibles go into their respective bags (shards of power, draconic runes, sigil pieces, etc)
    - add another level of bank upgrades "private bank vault" and "shared bank vault" that give 500 slots each
    - offer cross-server LFMs, when each player enters quest it connects them to a separate instanced server
    - put a rest shrine in every bar and on the deck of every ship with no timer
    - adjust DC spellcasting to make it useful again in end-game (by adding stuff in EDs, adjusting spell levels, lowering saves... whatever)

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    i dunno if this is the right place to ask it, but i am hearing a rumor that executive producer Ferdinando Pais is not involved in DDO much anymore. who is in charge around here now then_?
    well, it sort of explains why we didnt really get something promised in 2012 producer letter - "Quality of Life" improvements.
    anyhow, it is quite obvious "someone just been given total control" must start off with wiping someone's ass and repairing broken promises.
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    1. Introduce a "buddy" system for newbies
      1. Much like the LFM system, vets could join a newbie who is "looking for buddy"
      2. It would make it easier for newbs to find help and keep them out of elitists hair

    2. Create an LFM style system for guilds
    3. Eliminate most binding
      1. All raid loot is BtC
      2. All special event items (i.e., Crystal Cove, Mabar, etc.) are BtA
      3. All other loot is unbound
      4. Stone of Change offers the option to bind items to Account

    4. Increase inventory and bank bags from 5x4 to 6x6
    5. Make potion bags, scroll cases, and spell component pouches a top priority
    6. Merge servers to meet a minimum number of active accounts per server
    7. Add medium augment bags at the in game vendors
    8. Eliminate the normal/hard/elite versions of named loot

      1. Instead, hard/elite difficulties would have more chests for a better chance at the named loot
      2. Make select named loot upgradable like Crystal Cove and challenge items

    9. Make ALL content/classes/races free to VIPs
    10. Reset the quest repetitions every seven days just like chest ransack

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    Quote Originally Posted by GermanicusMaximus View Post
    9) I would call QA together and state the obvious: We no longer will ship broken product to our customers. I want a detailed test plan for the breadth of the game, as well as a set of reasonable ship criteria we will use to sign off on the release of each update.

    Now this one is funny. It would bankrupt the company to hire enough testers to go through a detailed test plan for the breadth of the game for every version that is released. You could hire fewer testers, but then you'd need several months of test before any version is released. I just cannot imagine what a detailed test plan would look like for a project with the scope of an MMO, especially a 7 year old game. And it would probably take several months to even construct that detailed test plan.

    Add to that one of your other items was to have the developers re-tool the entire code base. That means EVERY SINGLE thing must be retested. The stuff you could depend on because it has a long history of being tested since alpha/beta back in 2006 is no longer a "known entity". Imagine having to do this on a "live" system without that 2 year head start before any gamers actually touch the game.

    And for someone with supposedly 30 years of experience, you'd have to realize that by now that QA does not control the release of a product. QA reports all the known issues and management decides whether they can live with those known issues in a live release.

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    Pure fantasy realm where I can go back in time - scrap every design change that took us further away from 3.x and pushed 4th ed & WoW style thinking onto the game. The things I most enjoyed about this game were from its 3.x roots. This would mean:

    • Remove all enhancements
    • Add true prestige classes gained only from talking to the corresponding prestige trainers that you would have to find scattered around the world
    • Remove all epic destinies
    • Epic lvls would be straight out of the epic lvl handbook, relying almost entirely on feats
    • All spells/abilities would be restored to their original durations for all pc's & npc's
    • No scaling whatsoever, everything should be balanced assuming you have a full party
    • Xp loss on death, permanent lvl drain, etc, etc

    I realize this is all impossible but that's the game I would really like to play. For anyone posting “if you don't like it go somewhere else” well obviously there is no where I can go, even neutered this is still the closest I can get to d&d in an mmo.

    Now for a more realistic list of changes I would make assuming I want more people to play it:

    • Hold off on lvl increase until you have more content ready to support it
    • Establish a hard cap to any future lvl increases and take your time getting there.. by the time a character is lvl 30 they should basically either ascend to godhood or retire to Elminster style npc. Maybe hold off on hitting lvl 30 for 2~3 years at least and once there keep that cap set in stone
    • Remove the xp repeat penalty or introduce an xp ransack mechanic so we can continue playing at lvl cap without needing to min/max our entire character life just to avoid xp penalties later on
    • Introduce more Raids.. something like 1 raid for every 3 quest packs released seems like a good ratio
    • Each raid should feel unique but I would favor more raids in the 'style' of Abbot – more skill requirements for more people involved. If it can be beaten the same day it's released then it's too easy
    • Up the overall difficulty especially on EH or tone down the power lvl of all the epic destinies. This game may have a high initial learning curve but since u14 it's pretty much the easiest mmo I've ever played
    • More variety in quest design allowing more win options rather than just 'kill everything'. There are a few places in the game where skills can be used to win encounters but they are few and far between
    • Make every skill useful .. this sadly depends much more on quest design above
    • If you add more challenges please for the love of Mystra no more 'stand in once place defending against waves of enemies' ever again. The u14 challenges made the cannith challenges look diverse and interesting. Rushmore was the most fun simply because it was different than the others, ideally each one should be that different from all others
    • Overhaul AI to be more intelligent and give enemies access to all class abilities /destinies. Currently they seem to be limited to very few options even supposedly high lvl casters
    • More puzzles, riddles, etc! How about whenever you add gnomes have a quest pack revolving around gnomes of Garl Glittergold? Puzzles and riddles galore!
    • If you decide to add some sort of foundry type UGC system please add the full suite of tools available .. if we could not recreate any dungeon and/or explorer currently in game then it's not powerful enough to really create our own adventures
    • Expand the spellbook for every class, every spell from the PH should be available even if just for flavor
    • Add familiars, clr domains and any other missing class abilities
    • Don't release the enhancement pass until you have all 3 prestige lines fully fleshed out for all classes, especially if you plan on keeping general enhancements tied to prestige lines
    • Really though you should pull all general enhancements out of prestige lines and place them into their own general class tree. Not everyone wants to pick one of those prestige lines, maybe we just want to be a generalist “Wizard” for instance?
    • Base class/feats/skills build should matter more. Currently epic destinies (and alpha enhancement pass abilities) so overshadow base class abilities and feats that they almost don't matter
    • Epic spellcasting – I heard rumor of this in the far future.. if you actually do this please make it something customizable based on the epic seed system.. not just a selection of the 'epic spells' from the epic handbook.. those are mostly terrible. The entire fun of that system is the customization
    • Finally I would introduce a 'hardcore' mode that, when creating a new character, allowed you to play that character by the rules outlined up above so those of us who wanted to play by the exact pnp rules could enjoy the game that way. Maybe many would avoid it but if you called it 'hardcore' mode I bet a fair amount would give it a try. This would cater to those folks without creating a separate server

    TL; DR – more 3.5 / Pathfinder and less 4th ed / WoW
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    1) Make epic elite boss fights a lot harder. Most epic elite quests have short,boring,anticlimatic boss fights. What happened to the designers of In The Flesh and Servants of The Overlord?

    2) Make mob AI punish groups who refuse to engage in melee combat. The lord of blades casts all sort of nasty stuff on people who try to kite him or perch from the acid. Make all raid bosses and some quest mobs do the same.

    3) Add a DC to nerve venom. The most fun quest in the game at the moment is Gianthold Tor, mostly because the giants are immune to poison. Make it a dc of 49 or something - enough to dominate epic normal and hard but not epic elite.That or make the ridiculous interaction with chain missles and meteor swarm disappear.

    4) Change the quicken feat so it only works on level 5 spells or lower, like in pen and paper. Quickened fireball or hold monster are cool, quickened reconstruct is stupid.
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    Same as Kmnh and
    reduce nerve venom and double rainbow procs on spells
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    Thumbs up

    Not read the whole thread so sorry if there repeats of ideas...

    1. Set favour unlocks to be across the account not the server, to offset this you could increase the ranges at which things are unlocked e.g. unlock Drow at 550 favour.
    2. All classes and races should be unlockable via favour.
    3. All classes and races available to VIP's, again offset this maybe with a small (and I emphasize SMALL!) increase in the cost of the subscription.
    4. Give VIP's 1000 TP a month, most of the stuff worth buying is close to 1000 points so at least let VIP's feel they are getting something for their money.
    5. Remove Soul Gem Bags. Soul gems are crafting ingredients so they should go in the green bag.
    6. Allow us to name/add labels our bags.
    7. Make green bags work like red bags in that stuff is split up e.g. Greensteel, Alchemical, Trap Making etc.
    8. All challenge materials should be BTA not BTC!
    9. Completely overhaul BTA, BTC, BTCoE and everything else it's just stupid! I propose that all random loot is unbound, random lootgen has a chance at dropping in chests as BTA, Cannith Crafted items are still BTC unless it's on an item which is BTA then is stays as BTA (the current system basically), all named items outside of RAID's are BTA, Eldritch Rituals still bind items to character unless item is BTA then it stays that way (current system), loot from events (e.g. Crystal Cove) should be BTA, Items which have been made Epic (e.g. eAGA are still BTC) and all RAID named items are BTC.
    10. Increase the platinum limit a character can carry to 1 pp short of 100 million.
    11. Add new upgrades for the storage of platinum in the shared bank.
    12. Overhaul Cannith Crafting and add in all prefixes and suffixes, if that means increasing the levels to 200 then so be it but just get it done!
    13. Make stuff that stacks in small amounts stack in large amounts! Silver Flame pots, Marks Of Cannith (masterful) etc etc.
    14. Update the textures for the older content, there is a huge difference in the way that Eveningstar looks compared to the Harbour or the Marketplace.
    15. Stop releasing content for the next year or so and fix the game as it currently is and make the future patches fix bugs that have been on going for years.
    16. Once you start releasing content again f****** test it properly before releasing it and pay attention to what the testers same on Lamma land!
    17. Upgrade the servers and pro-actively work towards reducing lag. People play with high end connections and still get lag, I know since I am one of them! No it is not my machine or anything else it's your servers or the code or something!
    18. Remove guild decay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    19. Add a feature to the first mate on a guild ship so as all buffs are auto renewed and guild members can give platinum to the first mate to renew those buffs with. This would be input only so nobody could withdraw the money.
    20. Make the Completionist feat automatically granted, if people grind out that amount of XP then it should be given to them! Active past life feats still require a feat slot though.
    21. Add feat slots to the feat starved class.
    22. Allow Greater Teleport to work in public areas.
    23. Make CCW pots!
    24. Remove XP penalties if the quest hasn't been run for x amount of time, similar to chest ransack would be pretty good.
    25. Add 2 more ring slots to characters.
    26. Reduce the animation time for Search, Open Lock and Disable Device.
    27. Once a quest is complete allow the Finish button to instantly take you back to the public area, recalling while the quest is still active still requires the same amount of time as it does now.
    28. On the 20th completion of a RAID all the named items are available as are tomes.
    29. Remove the shard/scroll/seal system for making items epic it's a royal PITA! Simply make it so that you need the base item and X amount of Tokens Of The Twelve which can be grinded for and/or bought from the DDO Store.
    30. Set bags so they have no weight value to speak of, they are magical and as such should be more or less weightless.

    That's all I can think of right now but I am sure there is probably more I can think of!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Requiem View Post
    Linux version.
    Yeah, it'd be nice to have a native version and not with Wine. (Still haven't figured how to tweak it to actually transmit my voice in Linux.)

    But the actual playing experience is for me already more stable in Linux than in Windows, as of now. Funny how most of the lag seems to be caused by client-side issues...

    So the choice is Windows for working voice and more lag and other random glitches, or Linux for no voice transmission and much less in the way of intermittent slowdowns and/or lag. And I've had exactly one PUG-type party where voice chat was even attempted, ever.

    Oh, and it's only after the latest patch that the game startup problems on Linux started appearing at all, making things much more level with Windows in that regard.

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    Actually, on the design side...

    Faux-two-sided quests.

    I mean, the "Purge the heretics" quest sort of feels like the protagonist could just as well be on the other side... so what about a defensive mission, arranged like a raid so that hirelings are not allowed, and... the hirelings do come in on the opposite side? Maybe lead by a few "adventurers"?

    I mean, really, you can't take the hirelings into a PvP area anyway and...

    Sure it'd probably require either labeling it as a raid outright or doing some interesting scripting to autobalance it for party size / solo, if the scaling would be kept, and I'm sort of assuming that the hirelings are sort of handled similarly as "regular" and enemy quest NPCs in the code, otherwise it'd be a lot more work to implement.

    And now that there's paladins of the Lord of Blades in the game. Which side should they really go on, in _that_ fight?

    Does the quest-chain mechanic lend itself to "forking" quest trees, so that you can go down one path or another, do different (mutually exclusive) quests as part of the chain, and possibly end up earning different faction favor?

    I think that could be a nice addition to the content in DDO. Sort of more on the roleplaying side and less on the hack'n'slash side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mna View Post
    Yeah, it'd be nice to have a native version and not with Wine. (Still haven't figured how to tweak it to actually transmit my voice in Linux.)

    But the actual playing experience is for me already more stable in Linux than in Windows, as of now. Funny how most of the lag seems to be caused by client-side issues...

    So the choice is Windows for working voice and more lag and other random glitches, or Linux for no voice transmission and much less in the way of intermittent slowdowns and/or lag. And I've had exactly one PUG-type party where voice chat was even attempted, ever.

    Oh, and it's only after the latest patch that the game startup problems on Linux started appearing at all, making things much more level with Windows in that regard.
    The game and Instant Messenger side of Linux is the only thing really preventing me from changing my OS. Of course, I have another game I have to get this changed with too. Linux needs more users before it picks up the market in current non-linux games, but what are you going to do with it until then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaviusMaximus View Post
    What, it's clearly a joke, as someone preporting to be what he claims clearly doesn't have time (or the desire) to spend lots of time making silly lists full of preposterously self aggrandizing claims on a forum for a niche MMO they don't actually like, especially when they think the people designing it's content are useless tools... No I believe that was all multilayed ironic sarcasm making fun of the kind of grandeur delusions that people just make up on the internet all the time because they can and they are anonymous. Good stuff, it was a hoot.

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    Aside from the obvious stuff (all of which was already stated by other posters)...stuff we ALL would like to see like lag reduction and many many many manymanymany bug fixes....

    *Concentrate heavily on new content for the Forgotten Realms side of the game and gradually phase out the Eberron stuff.

    *Eliminate the Artificer class and the Warforged race.

    *Remove the ridiculous level-cap of 28 and go back to a level 20 cap. If this level-cap-increase thing keeps going, sooner or later it'll reach 100 and then we might as well all be playing WoW.

    *Make UMD a class skill for Wizards and Sorcerers. I mean....duh!
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