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    Quote Originally Posted by vegabond1969 View Post
    Maybe, but then the mobs would be scaled to a six player threshold as well. If I remember correctly, in CoH the more players in group the more mobs there were as well, hence the AE farms that people loved to run so much. A caster would be hard pressed fighting 30 orcs at once by themselves and a speedrunner would die before reaching the first shrine if the dungeon alert system worked in conjunction with the added mobs.
    Exactly. Risk v.s. Reward.

    Although in the current game balance, it isn't casters who would reap the biggest benefit.

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    In addition to the obvious (i.e. adding new quests and fixing bugs), my top three things I would look into would be:

    Improve the AI
    As a player, I want more of a challenge. Fighting mobs with way too many hit points is not a challenge. Fighting mobs with ridiculous abilities & immunities is frustrating. Instead, I want to see the enemy play smarter, to use tactics to their advantage, to have traps set-up that they can set-off to split the party or zap a zerger running ahead, etc. Also the AI of hirelings is just laughable at how they get themselves killed all the time, and they need to be improved as well. This will translate to a more fun game.

    Improve Grouping
    More needs to be done to encourage grouping. Tons of great ideas have been raised on the forums, so look into those and figure out what would work the best. D&D is a group game...let people solo and short man if they want, but get back to the roots of D&D where groups of 4-6 adventurers is the norm.

    Better Cosmetic System
    For the love of everything that is holy...make the cosmetic system better already and charge TP for it to make some $. Add an option that lets you change the color(s) of an existing armor skin, add an option to let people upgrade an armor kit to a cosmetic armor, add cool look cosmetic helmets that people could buy (honestly, most helms in the game look awful), etc. Basically give the players ways to really customize the way that their characters looks.
    The best part of the 10th Anniversary of DDO...the description on the Oatmeal Raisin Kookie,
    "From a distance you thought this was a chocolate chip kookie. Now you're sad."

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    Default slow down, get it right

    Quote Originally Posted by Substitutename View Post
    What would you do?
    1) Lamania is now a test server. NO code goes to live until it has run for 2 weeks with NO bug reports on Lamania. Bug reports deemed WAI don't count, and an exception can be made for active exploits, but a full public disclosure must follow an exploit exception. Bugs already on the Known Issues list can also get an exception, but at least 10% of the current list must be fixed with each update.

    2) No unannounced changes. All proposed changes must be posted to the forums with an opportunity for community feedback before any time is spent implementing them. Feedback need not be followed, but it must be considered. If your proposed change can't stand up to scrutiny, it doesn't belong in the game.

    3) Rules changes are allowed once a year. New items and new content can be introduced at any time, but the basic "physics" of the world can only be revised once per year. People spend months or even years working on a build, and breaking it before they have a reasonable chance to finish and play it is unacceptable. Note that adding a presteige enhancement, for example, isn't changing the rules, it's adding a new one.

    4) Devtracker will get a companion "GM Tracker" that includes "police blotter" style summary of GM actions, and a training effort will be undertaken to assure all GMs and all players know what a GM can and cannot do, and players will have a way to give feedback on GMs who do less.

    5) Customer support will also get an overhaul with no CS rep allowed to close a ticket arbitrarily, and open tickets requiring (at least) weekly communication with the ticket holder. There will be a procedure to close a ticket when the customer isn't satisfied that it is resolved, but it won't be the easy button it is now.

    Oh, and I raelly liked the idea that Maj. Mal. gets a bullhorn, but with the added stipulatino that he gets a camera too and videos get posted to YouTube.
    I am profoundly disappointed with the current state and direction of DDO, and my purchasing habits reflect this. A drastic improvement in quality of life, transparency, and honest communication would improve my spending. Promises and "more squeeze" will not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegabond1969 View Post
    As someone who has played since 2007, I would assume you know that Sorrowdusk has always been that way. Same with Catacombs, Tangleroot Chain, and Baudry's. So if you have been playing since '07 you knew what you were buying with the points when you got it. No on changing these quest, perhaps revamping the xp and adding epic.
    I suppose I need to clarify as a number of people have responded to my Sorrowdusk blurb. This was used as an example and after re-reading what I posted I probably should have stated that I feel old content needs to be re-done as a way to continue attracting new players and keeping them. I doubt I will ever be a premium player as sometimes I disappear from the game for months on end. When people by adventure packs, they should feel confident in the quality, especially when a pack says there are 7 quests. I can't imagine how ripped off some people must feel when they purchase Tangleroot only to discover that they are playing the same to dungeons over and over again. Easy way to fix this would simply be to redo the map so you don't have to run through the same area for every quest.

    Either that or make all the old content f2p and then introduce higher quality new p2p content. I imagine this might be the more popular solution.

    Also, while I created an account in 2007 and gave the game a try, I didn't really start playing with any regularity until 2009, not that it makes much of a difference.

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    What I'd do:

    1. Get rid of the shard exchange. To monetize in this manner is insulting. Real money shouldn't be such a direct factor in the game.

    2. Spend some freaking money! Hire someone with a reputation for award winning game development and management, and have them take over operations.

    3. The Enhancement Pass? Do some serious rethinking of how the community will react to how it is now, bring many of them into the fold, and develop a system that allows more variety, restricts much less, and encourages incredibly diverse and effective multi-class builds, as well as traditional bread and butter builds.

    4. Add a lot more content. As a workaround for now, add random dungeons to the game and call them 'Dungeon Challenges. 'Get the idol" or 'find the escaped beholder and bring it to justice' or 'save x people from the clutches of the evil monster' are just a couple of ideas. Have a complex, tier-based reward system attached to it with a LOT of itemization options all the way to 28th level. Make every dungeon have an epic version, even Korthos.

    5. Add titles to names, attached to accomplishments made in the world. People LOVE this stuff.

    6. Completionist should be a free, granted feat, given to ALL toons on the server where the completionist character resides.

    7. More of the buff spells should have higher level, mass versions. Most of the ones that exist suck. Who casts Mass Bull's Strength? Resist Energy should have both a version that casts all five resistances on a single target, and a version that casts all five resistances on all members of the party. This is a QoL enhancement.

    8. Last but by no means least, GROUPING and EXPERIENCE. Encourage grouping by eliminating the bravery bonus and implementing a similar bonus for grouping up with others. Give more experience for less used dungeons. Completely revamp some of the least used dungeons and itemize them more effectively.

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    There are so many truly wonderful ideas in this thread (with a few off-the-wall ones, too). I hope someone from Turbine who can separate the wheat from the chaff is reading and taking notes.

    This one of the most constructive threads I've read here in the forums in a while.

    Good on ya, OP!
    "So maybe it's about time we all get a reality check and realize that if you raid, run epics, and have capped toons and worry about ED's TR's and all that jazz, you are a small part of the population of this game, a very small part in fact." -- Ungood

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    Get rid of the log in timer for the Forums.

    Get rid of the Bravery Bonus.

    Get rid of the negative effects of the Silver Gimp pots.

    Fix everything on the bug list.

    Add those little encounter things like in GH and Kings forest to every slayer area. Those are fun, I like those.

    Improve the Cannith raid crafting system. It's an awesome idea, and I would like them to have more prevalence than what they do now. However I do not want a setup like how it used to be with shroud items, where if you had dual lit2 khopeshes and dual min2 khopeshes you'd be set for all updates up to U14. Just make it easier to make that gear, and more overall useful. Adding CHA and INT setups would be wonderful to help that.

    Make a crafting system where if you have something like a EN Black Dragon helm, you can spend Tokens of the Twelve in the Epic Altar to modify it to higher levels. Granted this shouldn't be cheap, or maybe it should only upgrade certain aspects (durability, minor things) to where the EE version is still better. This way the incentive remains, but then also allow the EE versions to be upgradeable along the same lines.

    YES I AM ONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT LIKE THE OLD SCROLL/SEAL/SHARD SYSTEM. I loved it, it meant making an epic item was more rewarding. Implement that in some ways again.

    Make crafting better (don't give us the double affixes such as Lacerating, that would be to game breaking. You have to leave some stuff in the lootgen system only) and give us some more varied versions of crafting. Cooking comes to mind, such as where other games can have you create different kinds of food that heal you more effectively than some other things.

    Make Heroes Feast totally heal your health at a shrine. I mean seriously, why isn't this already a thing?

    Give me pants. Pants should be separate of the top, and should give more bonuses (Majesty of the Pantaloons: Earn 5% Cashback on all purchases at Clothing Bargains for Millionares) This also allows for more set bonuses, such as the Black Dragon armor gaining 3% doublestrike with the helm, and a 20% chance to kick your opponent with the pants on. This opens up a lot of new possibilities for Feather to go mad with.

    Do not raise the level cap. 25 is fine for right now, let's get this game more built up and deeper into the mainstream gaming circuit before we stretch the player base out more.

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    Fantastic thread, thanks to OP for getting it going. Will surely repeat some things from above, but only because they need repeating:

    1) scrap enhancement revamp. Instead, add enhancements 'the old way' for poorly served classes (divines, dark monks, barbs, arties) and revise some current ones (paladins, which cost far too much and are too tied to specific enemies). There are some good ideas in *some* of the enhancement alphas, so we'll pull those out and use them!
    2) lower TR xp requirement for 3rd and subsequent lives. Benefit of 3rd life is really not all that powerful, so not worth 1.24 million extra xp.
    3) introduce fast-travel option, once area has been visited. I appreciate the view in transit the first couple of times, but not the 200th (or 2000th).
    4) update the darn guild ship navigator menu for heaven's sake. Still no House C option or ship portal? Really?
    5) update house C crafting, which became a bait and switch once MLs got lowered on random loot and a host of new effects were introduced. Dramatically increase the spellpower possible through crafting. Lower the crafting level requirements, which are ludicrously high.
    6) delete a lot of the useless fluff that got added to lootgen tables, such as the 2d6 elemental effects that are ML10.
    7) revise loot tables so that things that will never, ever work at epic level don't drop on epic-level weapons (paralyzing, forceful, strength sapping, invulnerability, etc). While we're at it, delete every weapon effect that does stat damage--they clearly don't work anyway.
    8) give some love to bards, which are an *actually* iconic D&D class: give them echoes of power, shorten buff song cooldowns, give them some class-specific automatic feats to increase enchantment DCs to compensate for lower spell lvls, give UMD enhancements.
    9) fix bugs and exploits before they go live. I can't believe this needs to be said for a product that gets sold to people (I blame the Microsoft developer culture). One looks doubly stupid when one releases broken content knowing that hundreds of players are going to scream, 'I *told* you that was broken!'
    10) 'epic up' some older content, especially the raids.
    11) increase xp for Amrath, House C. Their possible player bases can go run epic content for much, much more xp and better loot. No-brainer.
    12) detach xp repeat penalty for epic from heroic. It's discouraging people who have an eye on epic-lvl xp (especially with 28 lvls!) from running a lot of heroic content. Oh, and scrap expansion past lvl 25.
    13) reduce how much xp EDs and twists require. Expand twist slots beyond 3, even if limited to lower-tier abilities. The current system is a Catch-22: it requires players to run a LOT in mostly useless EDs just to twist in second and third tier-one abilities. So, they are trying to run epic content without the benefit of epic abilities. This doesn't make a lot of sense. The default expectation--'go run HORB until your eyes bleed'--is a poor substitute for intelligent game design. One easy idea: extra fate point for maxing an ED (which currently has zero benefit, after getting your 24th point to spend).
    14) players can start in any ED they want. A TR'd character can select whatever ED they like upon reaching lvl 20. Create a shorter pathway from arcane sphere to divine.
    15) game development needs to reverse course from 'higher levels, even better loot' obsession, which is a no-win proposition in the long run for DDO. Powergamers will run new content compulsively to get the new loot in a matter of days, and then what? It quickly obsoletes older quests (see Amrath), and developers can't realistically keep up with that demand. Complex, collaborative gameplay, where powerful loot is possible but only with repetition (and probably some type of crafting system) in the same vein as Shroud is more sustainable. The challenges are also good in this regard. This said, there are too many crafting systems in the game, some of which don't really get used much anymore. A more flexible and powerful House C crafting system could help with this. Main point, though, is more engaging quest design, less emphasis on loot.
    16) streamline guild ship buffs--maybe a 'give me all buffs' option. Eliminate dialogue options for buffers (why else am I speaking to them? Why would I say 'oh, nevermind' once I've clicked on them?)
    17) would adopt suggestions above about loosening restrictions on power levelling
    18) spells: scrap/replace mass +4 stat buffs, add superior and mass energy resistances, equalize the elemental damage spells a bit (still no electric after lvl 6?), add light-based AOE damage spell for divines (preferably better than Sunburst, and not just for 'Iconic' clerics!).

    Many more constructive changes possible, but lots already mentioned, so I'll stop there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urjak View Post
    .) Screw the Epic Normal/Hard/Elite = different item mechanic ... change it so that you can upgrade EN items to EH and EH to EE ... with commendations or something similar

    .) Change the Raid Endrewards to:
    ..) 20th completion = list of half of the possible drops (for epic raids that drop shards this would mean 50% of the possible shard drops
    ..) 30th completion = complete list or some token that you can trade in at an npc for the shard/item of your choice

    .) Same goes for quest endrewards, but 20/40 completions (because you don't have to wait 3 days between tries)

    .) Slow down the powercreep:
    ..) New items should be more versatile ... not more powerful ... (at least for a little while ... atm the power creep is much too fast IMO)

    .) Revamp the old epic items:
    I mean honestly, who cares about +6 stat items I have to grind seal + shard + scroll for, when I can just slot a +7 in a colorless slot??? ... Ofc new stuff needs to be attractive, so that players want to grind out the new stuff, but when every update means the old items are more or less useless, that means that only those few new quests are farmed o death, with absolutely no variation ... let the "older" content still be at least somewhat nice, so that there is actually a point in running them, besides xp ... for the marketting team: this will also increase sales of already existing adventure packs

    .) Create another, even vaster underdark wilderness area ... but this time with desireable loot drops from rares

    .) Fix the new forums so that I don't have to login again every 5 minutes ... meh that one really gets on my nerves >:[
    Really the power creep to fast in this game, hmm I take breaks after breaks and my characters still have the best gear. Must characters still have under 1k hit points and the game been out over 7 years. Wow how much slower can the power creep be with items.

    If do not make items better every update what the point playing more then once on elite? Just for flavor? I still have shroud gear on my characters a level 16 raid LMAO. I really have tough time understanding this one.

    More quest, more content, fix bugs, stop making new ways to squeeze more pennies from your costumers +skill tomes really.

    More raids to bring people together, less kiting.

    I hate to say it kiting every quest and raid is getting old. Find ways to make this stop. Slow down run speeds when shooting and casting, cutting damage if you moving while casting or shooting. Really running full speed and shooting arrows and a cross bow is simple while having prefect aim and getting all the power in the shoot like standing still.

    I could go on for long time, but that enough for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FalseFlag View Post
    The first thing I would do is make darned sure none of you had any input.

    Then I would scarp pretty much everything, and rebuild it to adhere as closely as possible to the game system is it based on (3.5 D&D including books like Unearthed Arcana). And whenever someone mentioned adding in FR content, I would smash their foot with a hammer.
    I agree except about unearth arcana I would rather not see any splat books and you should use a pneumatic hammer for foot smashing

    Beware the Sleepeater

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    Interesting thread. Most of these are tl;dr but I did read a few.


    1) Improve the XP for quests such that ALL quests are worth running at least once. (easy)

    2) Make Threnal and Restless Isles F2P. (easy)

    3) Make bards useful. Give them a few more songs. (medium)

    4) Finish all the PrCs (3 per class). (hard)

    5) Make ALL non-RAID named loot BtA. Make all RAID loot BtCoE. Remove that restriction from random loot. (medium)

    That's it.
    Brigette; Completionist! || Aoeryn; Wiz20(3rd life).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chai View Post
    13) Thats when youd get that call from the WB from the bossman in the bean counting dpt, who mysteriously sounds like bugs bunny trying to disguise his voice, and he would state the obvious: These decisions youre reversing were all make with the number one priority in mind, which is making money. Since all of your reversals were done in order to please players, we are going to have to assign you an assistant who will monitor all future decisions to determine if they coincide with the number one priority. Thats when porkey pig waddles into the room...
    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    Most of the posts in this thread have some interesting ideas... many I agree with...

    GermanicusMaximux offers zero concrete ideas; just do the whole thing over because DDO and Turbine suck as developers compared to him... But that WAS the subject of the thread, so I guess he didn't transgress too much.

    I would just like to remind everyone that DDO has been financially successful for 7 years... Maybe (probably) if they had done some things differently, they would be even MORE successful, but in no way can Turbine and DDO be considered a failure as a business.

    And I think we all agree the game is fun... otherwise we wouldn't be here. Every time you log into DDO instead of any of the other 5,000 choices out there, you're saying DDO is more fun than those other 5000 video games I could be playing instead.
    Chai, looks like you were right. And he has just about the level of technical, business and managerial expertise I would expect from one of the stars of Looney Tunes.

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    Read by devs.

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    Default Hmmm

    I like a lot of the suggestions here. Too many good (and a few bad) to list so I'll just throw my two cents in. . .

    1) I would merge the four lowest population servers into two servers.

    2) I would take the two (now unused) servers and try something new with them (both would require all new characters, no transfers):

    A) The first would be an old throwback server (only open to VIP customers) that would serve up DDO Day one. It would mirror the game on the first day it was released and follow DDO's releases chronologically (minus exploits, bugs and the dark period of no releases during the 'troubles').

    B) The second would be a partial throwback. It would mirror DDO just before MOTU was released. It would also be for VIPs.

    The reason for VIP only on those servers is that there will be no cash store. So VIP will be the only way DDO makes money on them. Perhaps they could sell a partial VIP for folks who only want to play on one? Leave that to the accounting monkeys

    If one or both of those draw off enough players from the others then merge some more and open a new old school server.

    I know, no chance right? I can dream dang it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Torc View Post
    I’m only nerfing you now so I can buff you later.

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    Grant Favor vendors that hand out buffs work similarly to ship buffs. 1 hour each, disappear on death. Make these buffs from vendors and ship buffs not wear off in public instances.

    Make skills more useful. Allow skills to grant feats depending on ranks spent in skill, similar to how the Perform Skill allows you to use songs (provided the Bard levels). Example: High enough hide / move silently allows one to use doors / levers / etc... without breaking stealth.

    Group similar skills together based on feats that group skills, or even just the Enhancement Pass' grouping. Jump / Tumble. Hide / Move Silently. Listen / Spot. Disable Device / Open Lock. Etc... This may require altering racial bonuses to skills.

    Allow locked chests to be broken via strength, but given a chance to lower loot level (you might have just broken all the good stuff).

    Remove bound to character items unless an item has been upgraded to a specific degree. Otherwise, bound to account.

    Add feats to change damage modifier.

    Rewrite old quests to work items similarly to how GiantHold is now working. (Normal / Hard / Elite versions of items.) Or at least give them some upgrade method.

    Linux version.

    Reprice the DDO Store content.

    Allow Cannith Crafting to create augment crystals.

    Require a level limit on ship buffs.

    Familiars and companions. Give summons a hireling bar.

    Favor for completing rare / slayer / explorers. Would give these things a bit more love in comparison to the invis and run method. I'd love to enjoy these areas, but the experience alone just doesn't do it for me. The explorers giving full map was awesome. It'd be nice if the other two would give something too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    Oh, something else I really liked from the old game...

    In the original quests (and for a few updates afterwards), having skills like spot and listen and bluff and diplomacy got unique messages or conversation trees...

    I'd like to see more of that again... I had ONE character once with a high listen, and there were quite a few dungeons where you'd walk up to a door and only I would get the DM message "You hear what sounds like a snoring ogre beyond this door".

    That kind of stuff was totally D&D...

    I'd also like to see more conversation trees... where choices can somewhat matter, not just click click click, get through this conversation.
    Lots of things I like and dislike in this thread, but a thumbs up to the above. To have a different experience of a dungeon depending on your skills would be great, as well as more choices which lead to different outcomes. More of this for those who enjoy story and roleplay, please =)

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    1. I would create a new "Party" tab, in the social window. This would comprise of each person in the party as displayed in the "Who" tab (so name, class, level, and guild would be displayed) in addition to that, the location of said person as displayed by "location" in the Guild tab.
    This page would also have the additional function via "arrow buttons" to move a person up or down in a list, there by allowing an individual to re organize the displayed parting listing and associated function (F?) quick key targeting.
    Additional buttons of "remove member" and "leave party" would also be displayed and usable.

    2. I would create a poll for the forumites. Once per month, the majority of the "known issues" list would be put up, and the top 3 WOULD BE FIXED by next update, guaranteed. I state "once per month" as my idea is that they should be able to fix 3 of those issues per month because a manager would finally be forced to freaking get them fixed.

    3. Cannith crafting would be finished such that any random loot gen suffix/prefix could be created. This includes vorpal, disruption, paralizing, improved paralizing, desert wind, etc. I would allow design developers to present reasons on why the top weapon effects should not be allowed to be crafted, but they had better be darn good reasons.

    4. Skill augments up to +15 would be implemented. +1 to +10 would be colorless. +11 to +15 would be yellow.

    5. I would have a discussion with design developers on if helmets should be given blue slots instead of yellow slots from this point forward. Reason: headgear is normally always supposed to be protective armor. Even soldiers in today's armies have helmets, but they may not have gloves or bracers.

    6. Players, be it on facebook, twitter, or the forums. Should they be really noteworth for some reason, be it good ideas, good bug reporter, or something that Turbine feels is worth, as a thanks could get gear, quest shout outs, hirelings, etc. named for them/created by them. This form of player interaction is wonderful. This would NOT be a poll put up on the forums as those would turn into a popularity contest.

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    1) Fix the memory leak!! I'm sick of the insane load times and zones crashes multiple times per day.
    1.2) On a related note, add faster ways to get around directly to the areas you want. There's too many places where you walk for 5 seconds, for the next loading screen that takes 15 seconds, and then repeat 3-4 times, before you get to the zones you actually wanted to get to.

    2) Scrap the level cap increase to 28, it's too early and nobody wants it. Don't make even more content irrelevant at least until you got something to replace it with.

    3) Better follow-up of legacy mechanics. Everything gets abandoned after a few updates, Cannith crafting, dragontouched armor, tod rings (The set bonuses are completely out of date), ammo (see pt 7), monster manual, Epic destinies, etc.

    4) Storage! Storage!! STORAGE!!! We need more space, add more bank/inv space to be unlocked AND sold. And like one of my previous suggestion, make an account wide storage for all crafting ingredients (and augments), that doesn't take up inventory space. Players would pay big money for this.

    5) Change more items to be BtA instead of BtC.

    6) No more challenges pack. No, really, everyone hates them (especially since they give terrible xp now).

    7) Review ALL ammo. Nobody currently uses things like non-returning throwing axes that drop in stacks of 20, it's ridiculous. Change them so they are all returning, but use the 'durability' stat to serve for ammo. Something like, every throw/shot has 5% chance of dropping the durability by 1. If it reaches zero, the item is broken (out of ammo) and can be repaired (restocked). This way you still have a limited supply of special ammo for each quest (That doesn't run out after 2 enemies), and you can easily restock them after for a modest price. The old returning modifier can even be changed to increased durability/ammo.

    8) Smoother xp curves for TRs. Levels 1 to 12ish are a breeze on a TR, but 16-20 is just a tedious and long grind. Ask for more xp in the lower levels, and drop the requirements for end levels, it will make the TR experience (see what I did there?) a lot more fun. And if you happen to drop the total slightly nobody would complain.
    8.2) Boost the xp on some less popular quests. Everyone knows Amrath gives terrible xp, why has it not been boosted yet?

    9) More interesting EE content than monsters that hit you for 400+ a hit. It's not any harder, you just have to never get hit (ranged, CC, avoiding aggro) while chipping down the brick houses of hp. It's just not fun.

    10) Quality control! For a bit over a year now, the quality has just been dreadful. We still got so many bugs from MotU. The recent process seems to be: game is buggy, update is made to 'fix stuff' (About 5% of the previous bugs are addressed, but at least as many are introduced). Buggy Update is hotfixed to remove the beneficial bugs and a few game breaking ones. Hotfix still introduces bugs, which are (mostly) fixed in a patch. Remaining obvious bugs are called WAI to keep the list from overflowing even more.

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    Shoot, forgot in my post above one of my pet peeves: guild ship buffs now last 2 hours. It's good to have some 'speedbumps' for players, but 1 hour is too short. (But, this would be less irritating if I could fast-travel to my ship and back.... Yes, I got spoiled by Oblivion.)

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    Add more quality of game minor changes that have been bandied about but never done such as:

    UI Option: For Beginner Defaults to Off: Always target my character instead of targeted undead with positive energy scroll/wands.
    UI Option: For Beginner Defaults to Off: Always target my character instead of targeted undead with positive energy spells.

    UI: Display the current Zork text game scrawl given by "/quest completions and /quest" in its own window in the adventure compendium - also show raid timers.

    UI: Popup Indicative Icons on each individual party member health bar if set to "Large Mode" that has just a few possible icons for "Cursed", "Diseased", "Poisoned", "Neg Level(s)", "Stat Damage", "Imobilized" to help hjealers.

    Add a new weapon to the game. Obviously that didn't go great with handwraps... but maybe if you're less ambitious... a real polearm?... spear? We know you have some set of animators cranking out pets... one new weapon please.

    Be more D&D. *** are iconic heroes? Sounds like a marketing fart-out term. They should be called "Subraces" (w. added Lore). I actually applaud giving the game something new while not further increasing the class/race total load that has to go into the ever-pushing-out heroic enhancement system redo. Plus you can put it in the store and get $$ for your work. Just hope it doesn't steal too much time from the system devs that are already spending most of their time dealing with two totally separate enhancement system branches.

    Eh... I've already talked enough. Just tell us you're making THE TITAN (with totally redone end Titan fight) or THE SHROUD epic after the expansion and we'll forgive your lack of expansion raid.
    I ran a Ravenloft Fan Video Trailer Contest. Thanks for all the entries. Checkout the winners:
    Details Here

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