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    'A tree never hits anyone except in self defence'

    Omnipresence, Ghallanda
    - Xaositect, Thakorian, Vhaerite, Hexmetal, Praxarian -

    intesting but think about this :

    if trees could scream ,
    maybe ppl would think twice about cutting them down ,
    but what if they screamed all the time ,
    if it was next to your bedroom window ,
    would you be the first person with a axe at dawn ?

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    There are less people playing but still good ! Soloed half, pugged half after a long time basically only duoing lives.

    Many great folks, shoutouts to :
    Smashinator for Bloody Crypt runs and lowbie stuff
    Tonjam and his guildie for Shadowcrypt xp orgy
    Nawa, awesome, awesome stuff
    Billan for Desert and some GH, Cinq and someone else for Crucible
    Jolinxiii for Necro 4 and Litany runs
    Bhelen for Vale
    and Madaz for 18- 20 and elite Murder By Night at lvl 16 lol.

    All bajillion lives "vets", awesome to play with. Not a single bad experience. Not one whine that newbie died with 4 vets in party.

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