We're looking to expand our ranks.

Most of us are Tring as quickly as possible, zerging epic quests (maybe not EE so much). We haven't done much raiding as our numbers nor play time do not permit, but nearly every member can lead nearly every raid.

We are a relatively small, experienced guild. We are a level 91 guild, at the moment. There is no drama at all; there's a heavy emphasis on leveling characters, acquiring gear etc. Most of us have known each other for at least a year or more.

We are looking for people who play frequently, more or less hardcore gamers. This is not necessarily a strict rule, but a guide.

Our rules are simple: We don't swear in voice chat or demean others. You must group with guild as much as possible.

Whether you're looking to tr often, learn more about the game, or even just to get of that "I'm in a bad guild label" you may have been carrying around with you, send a tell to one our members. We will talk, and if you fit the bill, you too can be Legit!