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    Default 20 Druid vs 18 Druid/2 Monk

    Hi guys, i cant exactly get my head around all the things 2 Monk entails, but here's what ive been seeing in the builds posted:

    - 2 extra feats, usually for Stunning fist & Toughness (?)
    - Wind stance stacking with wolf form (?)
    - Base Damage of Wolf (1d6) / Dire Wolf (1d10) preserved (?)
    - +2 Wis from Water stance (?)

    Am i right w/ these? Did i miss anything? Thanks

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    You've got the gist of it: it basically boils down to the capstone (+2d6 SA as wolf and lower spell cooldown penalty) and a few extra SPs & spell slots; vs two extra feats, Evasion, and monk stances (if you choose to be a centered Drunk).

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